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Timber-framed bungalow gets an upgrade

Background to the project

This timber-framed bungalow in Perth used an old oil boiler system which was both expensive and inefficient and having to worry about changing the oil regularly was extremely time consuming. Roy and his family had had enough and wanted a sustainable replacement for their rural home.

Roy contacted IMS Heat Pumps for their installation, a trusted and reliable NIBE product supplier. Emma and the team at IMS were more than fit for the job, installing efficient and tailored solutions across the country. IMS heat pumps were also listed on the Energy Savings Trust website, and the family were impressed by their positive customer reviews and reputation as a reliable installer.

Perth, Scotland

NIBE products used:

Key stats:

NIBE F2040

Air Source Heat Pump


Hot Water Cylinder

  • NIBE F2040 Air Source Heat Pumps installed
  • Saves 7.25 tonnes of carbon per year
  • Installed by IMS Heat Pumps
  • £450 of energy savings in first 6 months

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The solution to the project

Accompanying a NIBE F2040 Air Source Heat Pump, the property had a 300-litre hot water cylinder installed. With the combination of NIBE’s efficient, best-in-class air source heat pump technology and the experienced IMS team, the heat pump achieved the family’s goal of saving money whilst reducing their environmental impact.

Roy’s installation was a perfect example of an off grid rural home benefitting from the sustainable solutions available to decarbonise and demonstrates the versatility of NIBE’s heat pumps. Despite the home built using a timber frame, the heat pump solution has been providing heating and hot water all year round without Roy needing to even think about adjusting the settings.  

The Results

The F2040 ASHP installed in Roy’s 4-bedroom property is producing carbon savings of 7.25 tonnes per year, whilst the family have noticed energy savings of over £450 in the first half of the year. Factor in the payments Roy is receiving from the old Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, and the heat pump has been a real money maker!

Roy has also told IMS heat pumps that the new heat pump has flawlessly adjusted the temperature of their home automatically, keeping the home at the perfect temperature. The F2040 is so much quieter and cleaner than their old oil boiler, and the family couldn’t be happier!


"I don’t even have to think about adjusting the settings—it’s always at the perfect temperature. And it’s so much quieter and cleaner than our old oil boiler. We’ve been keeping track of our expenses, and we’ve saved over £450 this year so far – and it’s more when you factor in that our heat pump gets payments via the old RHI scheme”.

Roy also wanted to thank IMS heat pumps, our trusted NIBE Pro Partner for their excellent service and fantastic installation.

“I would 100% recommend IMS Heat Pumps to anyone considering a Heat Pump. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with. From start to finish, nothing was too much trouble. Our heat pump works exactly as they said it would, it’s keeping our house warm and it’s saving us money. We couldn’t be happier!” 

About the installer

IMS Heat Pumps Ltd is an established and trusted supplier of NIBE products, a family run business established in 1997 and has been busy installing high quality Ground and Air Source heat pumps with the very best design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance services.

Installers working for IMS Heat Pumps Ltd are trained with the very best training courses including NIBE Pro, ensuring that installers working under the IMS name can provide industry leading heat pump installations tailored to individual companies.

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