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Barn renovation completed with off grid heating system

Background to the project

Scattered across the fens of Cambridgeshire are many dilapidated farm buildings that are ripe for renovation. One such barn, which was situated on family land, became a renovation project for owner Dan Houghton who embarked on the quest to create a new three bedroom home for himself and his partner and also utilise the skills he demonstrates in his occupation as a carpenter. Whilst an alternative to main gas was clearly necessary due to the barns off grid location, it was only as planning permission was sought that it became apparent that a renewable energy source was necessary to fulfil requirements.

It was this that led Dan to EcoInstaller, a local company who worked with him throughout the project to specify the correct products, install the system and take care of ongoing maintenance. A NIBE F2040 8kW ASHP was specified along with a 200 litre water cylinder, 40 litre buffer tank and SMO40 controller to give domestic controls and energy monitoring.

Spring Farm

NIBE products used:

Key stats:

NIBE F2040 8kW

Air Source Heat Pump


Hot Water Cylinder


Buffer Vessel


Control Module

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The solution to the project

Renovation projects are great to work on and this gorgeous barn has been rescued and turned into a delightful home which is warm and cosy even in its exposed location,” said Rebecca Hubbard from EcoInstaller. “We worked with Dan during the specification stage of the project to ensure his planning requirements were fulfilled and that the correct products were installed to deliver warmth and hot water and meet his expectations."

The Results

The property, was completed in July 2017, and has received its EPC certificate resulting in Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments of around £800 per annum.

Not only does it support the ethos of renewable energy systems in rural locations it also demonstrates that renovation projects (from virtually derelict buildings) can also reap the benefits of such technologies.


Dan Houghton owner of Spring Meadow Farm commented; “Renewable heat systems were something that I wasn’t particularly aware of until the planning requirements were outlined by the local authority. Further investigation showed how reliable and how well performing such systems are and the early signs are that our Air Source Heat Pump is just what we needed to keep our home warm and deliver endless hot water.

“Eco-Installer have been completely fantastic and guided us through the process, helping out and ensuring the correct products were installed. Not only would I recommend them I would also recommend the NIBE products and system to either off grid homeowners or those that are embarking on a renovation project.”

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