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S-Series for NIBE's Training and Technical Manager

Background to the project

Chris Easton, the Training and Technical Manager for NIBE, lives in a 1940s urban home with his wife Kay, son Max and their dog Chip. Their home is already well insulated with cavity wall and loft insulation which was recently installed when they converted their loft into a 4th bedroom. In his line of work, he thought it best to buy one himself – tempted by the glowing reviews provided by NIBE customers.

Chris' Heat Pump

NIBE products used:

Key stats:

NIBE S2125 8kW

Air Source Heat Pump


Control Module

PV-T Panels

Solar Thermal Panels

  • Air source heat pump combined with PV-T panels, EV charging & LED lights for a low carbon home
  • Installed by Chris himself!

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The solution to the project

Chris, impressed with NIBE’s range and the extra potential savings that could come to fruition, decided to install an 8kW NIBE S2125 Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), along with our SMO S40 control module, and 2 NIBE solar thermal panels to maximise heat gain. As the house is south facing, the panels are a perfect addition to NIBE’s already powerful heat pump technology.

The system was installed by Chris himself in March 2021 and has a System Seasonal Efficiency of 3.77 (the average measurement used that demonstrates how effective the heat pump is on an annual basis). Chris is the only resident in the area to have an ASHP installed within their home, and so he has recently found himself getting some attention from the locals who are curious about the new technology.

The Results

Chris’ S2125 ASHP keeps up with the 12606kWh heat demand for the property and maintains the internal temperature of his house at a comfortable 22°C when needed. The family mentions that they have plenty of hot water due to the combination of the heat pump and solar thermal technology. They also added that their heat pump is quiet when running, providing a powerful low-carbon source of heat at low noise levels.

The installation of the seamless low-carbon technology in their home has not stopped there – Chris has upgraded his home since to 100% LED lighting along with an EV charging point located outside the property.


Chris said: 

“We have been really pleased with our NIBE Air Source Heat Pump. Having gone through several winters now, the heat pump has always kept us warm inside the house and provided us with plenty of hot water. We have our heat pump backed up by our solar thermal system which come summertime allows our heat pump to work very little, if at all, and still keeps my hot water super-hot and plentiful, which also means my energy usage is minimal. My family are all very conscious on how the climate is changing in our lives and this allows us to contribute in a small way to the new way we are heating our homes and lower energy costs.”

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