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We exist to provide the world with better energy solutions. Since the start, we have been committed and goal-oriented to develop new methods for better energy efficiency. In doing this, NIBE plays an important role in the global transition to a more sustainable society. We're proud of that. We are stubborn by nature and never give up. We believe in old-fashioned honesty, humanity and the importance of keeping what you promise. We like to stick to our history. We care about the places where we are and the people who live there. Perhaps we are traditionalists.

But at the same time, we are a result-oriented world-leading innovation company with a focus on creating benefits and savings for our customers. We are constantly and curiously looking for new technical solutions to improve our products and services. We want to grow with good profitability and we place high demands on both ourselves and our partners.

This is what makes NIBE unique. We have our feet on the ground while our eyes are firmly directed forward. And we work tirelessly to provide the world with better energy solutions. We'll never give up.

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Current vacancies

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How we work

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