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NIBE S-Series
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Introducing The NIBE S-Series

When it's time for a new heating system, choose upgraded comfort with the NIBE S-Series. In the heart of your home, your unit will provide a comfortable indoor climate all year round using sustainable energy.

Our S-Series range shows the very best of us combining renewable energy with smart technology to build a more sustainable future.

Sometimes the details make the biggest difference

Our new ground source heat pumps have a number of innovative improvements. There reduced global warming potential enables the heat pump to provide you with a high level of comfort and energy savings – in an even more sustainable way.

Our most energy-efficient ground source heat pump fits all houses and becomes a natural part of your smart home. An obvious choice for those who want a premium product.

En enklare vardag

A simpler everyday life

An energy-efficient NIBE S-Series heat pump automatically adapts to the conditions of the house and your needs. With the myUplink app, it becomes part of the smart home and an easier everyday life. Voice control with Google Home is just one example. You can also feel confident that the heat pump will get in touch if something happens. Stylish design makes it a perfect fit for the modern home.

Ett energisnålt hem

An energy-efficient home

The intelligent technology of the S-Series allows you to keep track of your energy consumption and heat pump wherever you are. By allowing you to have an overview and control hot water and indoor climate, it helps you make energy savings – whilst also doing nature a favour.

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A safe investment

We are a Swedish company that has been manufacturing sustainable climate solutions for over 70 years. The S-Series is our most advanced product to date and the result of Swedish engineering. Our products can withstand the tough Nordic climate and tomorrow's challenges in technology.

Wi-Fi connection

With the help of the Internet and the myUplink app, you can quickly monitor and control your heating and hot water production from your smartphone. If your heat pump has an update, you will be notified quickly with a push notification or by e-mail. The Wi-Fi connection also makes it possible to connect the heat pump to your already smart home and voice assistant applications.

Smart accessories

For the NIBE S-Series, there is a range of wireless accessories that can provide extra comfort and lower energy consumption. With the sensors placed in the home, the heat pump receives signals to automatically adjust temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, floor by floor and room by room.


With myUplink, the heat pump can receive software updates automatically to ensure that it always has the best operation and the latest features. You will receive a notification in the heat pump display and a push notification on your mobile phone. All that's left is for you to approve the update.

Weather Forecast Control

When using myUplink and a GPS location the S-Series can gather data on the weather forecast, creating the perfect indoor climate in advance of when you’ll need it. It will also adapt the heating and hot water around daily routines and requirements.

Voice control

"Hey Google! Lower the temperature in the bedroom." That's what it might sound like when you talk to your intelligent heat pump that supports voice control via, for example, Google Home.

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Air source heat pumps


NIBE S2125 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled air/water pump. With NIBE indoor modules, it forms a very efficient climate system for your home. NIBE S2125 provides optimised savings as it automatically adapts to your home’s output requirements all year around.

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Air source heat pumps


The NIBE SMO S40 gives optimised control of the climate system and is designed to be combined with NIBE air/water heat pumps to provide an integrated climate system for homes and properties. The NIBE SMO S40 offers maximum flexibility when it comes to system solutions. The control module can be connected to components such as a water heater, additional heat sources and other accessories specific to a customised installation. Up to eight NIBE air/water heat pumps can be connected to a control system.

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Air source heat pumps

VVM S320

The NIBE VVM S320 is designed for combination with any NIBE air/water heat pump to create a highly efficient climate system for your home. The NIBE VVM S320 has a smart, user-friendly control system which provides efficient heating/cooling and hot water with high performance. The NIBE VVM S320 is ready for installation since the water heater, electric additional heat, self-regulating circulation pump, filling valve, manometer, safety valve and expansion vessel are included. With integrated wifi, the S Series is a natural part of your connected home.

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Ground source heat pumps


NIBE S1256 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with integrated water heater and a new, more climate-friendly refrigerant.

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Ground source heat pumps


The NIBE S1156 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with a new, more climate-friendly refrigerant and without an integrated water heater.

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NIBE smarta värmepump, S-serie

Power your heat pump with PV-T

Photovoltaic-Thermal panels are an excellent collector source for a NIBE heat pump. The installation of a PV-T array can be utilised as a direct alternative or supplement to a traditional borehole or surface collector.

This new, innovative, approach transforms a NIBE "Ground" source heat pump product into a "Multi-source" heat pump product.

NIBE Installer Working

Next steps and more information

At NIBE, we value our Nordic heritage by harnessing the power of nature. Whether it’s the NIBE S-Series or any of our other market-leading products, you can rest assured knowing that you’re buying quality, high-performing goods.

If you’d like to find out more information about the NIBE S-Series or enquire about making a purchase, speak to one of our NIBE experts who can review your project and put you in touch with a NIBE Pro Installer.