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What is a NIBE Pro Installer?

NIBE Pro is a partnership scheme for heating installers to transition to heat pumps. 

Our NIBE Pro installers are fully trained and accredited to fit our products to the highest standard. 

Our installers will assist you in choosing the right NIBE system to meet your heating needs. 

Use the map below to find an installer in your area or complete our Talk To An Expert form and a member of our team will put you in touch with the best fit NIBE Pro.

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MCS Certification

All our NIBE Pros are MCS certified, meaning you can qualify for the £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant from the government.

Extended Warranty

Our NIBE Pros can offer you an extended warranty on NIBE products, giving you peace of mind should anything happen.

Experienced Fitting NIBE Technology

All our NIBE Pros have undergone extensive NIBE product training and have experience fitting NIBE technology, meaning your heat pump will be installed to a high standard so it can perform to its full potential