Like the idea of ground source but don't have the space? PV-T is your solution.

PV-T panels can be combined with a ground source heat pump to act as a collector. This replaces the need for conventional ground work and removes a lot of the barriers associated with ground source technology.

See our PV-T in action on one of the worlds largest PV-T projects

PV-T panels are equipped with PV cells at the front that convert sunlight into electricity. The rear consists of a thermal heat exchanger that extracts energy from the ambient air that is heated under the panels by daylight and sunlight. The operation of the heat exchanger is therefore comparable to that of an air/water heat pump, without the requirement of a mechanical fan. A PVT system therefore works 100% silently!

Even on cloudy days and at night – without direct heating of sunlight and even at temperatures below freezing, the heat exchanger provides sufficient heat supply for the heat pump. In warmer months the heat extracted by the collector helps cool the PV aperture surface, improving generation efficiency.

 Read the full case study here.

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