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NIBE PV-T Panels

Collectors for multi-source heat pumps

Harvesting energy, generating power



Photovoltaic-Thermal panels are an excellent collector source for a NIBE heat pump. The installation of a PV-T array can be utilised as a direct alternative or supplement to a traditional borehole or surface collector.


Even on cloudy days and at temperatures below freezing, the heat exchanger provides sufficient heat supply for the heat pump.


The ideal solution to either replace or supplement a borehole or
surface soil collector system.

Improved efficiency

Improved PV generation efficiency.

Dual purpose design

Unique, elegant panels to extract energy and generate power.

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The NIBE PV-T collector is an alternative, innovative, heat source for use with NIBE ground source heat pumps, removing the requirement of a ground or bore hole collector array . The PV-T collectors produce electrical energy that can be used to operate a ground source heat pump.

Totally silent air collector for NIBE multi-source heat pumps

Unique, elegant, all-black panels with double production of energy, thermal, and electricity

The ideal solution as an alternative or supplement to a borehole or surface collector system

Circulating brine helps cool the PVT panel, increasing PV generation efficiency

Improved PV generation for efficiency

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PV-T and Ground Source Heat Pumps

This new, innovative, approach transforms a NIBE "Ground" source heat pump product into a "Multi-source" heat pump product.