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In the hearts of Swedish homes since 1952

NIBE Family

70 years of sustainable energy solutions

For 70 years, NIBE has been manufacturing energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions for your home. It all started in Markaryd in Sweden and we value our Nordic heritage by harnessing the power of nature.

NIBE combine renewable energy with smart technology in order to offer effective solutions so that together we can build a more sustainable future. Our wide range of products supplies your home with heating, ventilation, hot water and cooling, creating a perfect indoor climate with a low impact on nature. Our different business areas across the globe are:

  • NIBE Climate Solutions - manufactures intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for indoor comfort in all types of properties.
  • NIBE Element - manufactures components and solutions for intelligent heating and control for industry and infrastructure.
  • NIBE Stoves - manufactures fireplaces with high demands on design and energy efficiency.

Our History

NIBE 1955

1952 - The electric water heater

In 1952, Nils Bernerup started to manufacture electric water heaters using the same technology used in the pig heaters his company sold to farmers in southern Sweden. The water heaters were made of copper, suitable due to its antibacterial properties and effectiveness in Swedish water. The first product was a copper-lined black steel vessel, followed by enamel and stainless-steel alternatives. The range of products expanded as the market grew and we’ve now sold more than 2 million water heaters.

NIBE 1981

1981 - The brains behind the exhaust air heat pump

The electrically heated Swedish houses of the 1970s suffered both inflexible water-borne heating and inadequate ventilation. Holger Svensson, NIBE’s first product developer, accepted the challenge of solving this, along with his five-person team.

This led NIBE to further develop the electric boiler and produce an exhaust air heat pump with ventilation, an electric boiler and heat recovery. The first System FIGHTER exhaust air heat pump was launched in 1981, but when housing developers complained that two cabinets took up too much space, Holger and his team had to return to the drawing board. They combined the system into one cabinet – the predecessor to our modern exhaust air heat pumps.

NIBE 2006

2006 - The breakthrough of inverter technology

There’s always been a strong desire at NIBE to master advanced technology and create a solution that meets the market’s need for better performance and easy-to-install products. Inverter technology was historically relatively expensive and there was no official standard to demonstrate its improved annual energy savings (SCOP).

When we started exploring inverter technology for ground source heat pumps back in 2006, our aim was once again to make life easier for installers and reduce costs for homeowners. This was achieved by means of an inverter-controlled heat pump. The inverter gave greater potential for energy saving. It also enabled us to develop new refrigerant control features, making the product even more useful. 2006 also saw the birth of NIBE Energy Systems Ltd., with NIBE UK selling its first heat pump in the same year.

NIBE 2009

2009 - Modules on the inside

Another important breakthrough for heat pumps
was the Emmy industrialisation project we
launched in 2009. This saw our products become
modularised to simplify work for the installer.
Building the inside of the heat pump in modules,
e.g. a pull-out cooling module, has made it easier
to carry, deliver and install the products.

NIBE 2019

2019 - The intelligent heat pump

It’s no coincidence that we’re market leading in
making heat pumps an integral part of the smart
home. The market has been clear in its demand
for better, simpler connectivity and the possibility
of updating, developing, and adding accessories
and features to heating and ventilation systems.
Integrating modern technology into our heat
pumps has enabled us to offer a constantly
evolving product with a long service life. Since
2012, it’s been possible to connect our heat
pumps to the internet and NIBE Uplink. In 2019,
we launched the S-series with wireless
connectivity and intelligent components that
offer completely new possibilities.

Our sustainability work takes place in four areas:

Right from the start, we have been committed and focused on developing new methods for better energy efficiency. In this way, NIBE plays an important role in the global transition to a more sustainable society. And we’re proud of that. We also know how complex the issue of sustainability is and how important it is to act responsibly as a company when it comes to our own employees and suppliers, and the impact our products have on the climate and society around us throughout their life cycle – a task we take very seriously.

Business responsibilities

We work with business responsibility throughout our value chain and ethics are an important part of our business. You as a customer should be able to trust us.

Environmental liability

We see our environmental responsibility as an important part of our entire value chain that starts with our suppliers and ends with you as a customer, and strives to reduce the environmental and climate impact of products throughout the life cycle.

Employee responsibility

Crucial to achieving our goals today and in the future is to be able to retain and attract new competent committed employees.

Social responsibility

As part of society, we must act responsibly as a company. We collaborate locally and globally with schools, universities and organizations to contribute to increased knowledge and reduced poverty.