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How to find my NIBE serial number

Unfortunately, as with anything mechanical, we here at NIBE accept that, from time to time, things can go wrong. To enable us to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible, please ensure when calling you have to hand the NIBE serial number for the unit in question.

The following documents will show you where to find your serial number on each different type of heat pump:

ASHP lifestyle

Air Source Heat Pumps


GSHP Kitchen

Ground Source Heat Pumps

S1155, S1255, F1145/55, F1245/55/ F1345/55

Exhaust Air Source

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

F470/ F730

NIBE Service Partner

Find a NIBE service partner

Find a NIBE service partner near you to help maintain your product.

NP installer

NIBE service plan

Check out all the information you need for a NIBE service plan, keeping your product at peak performance.

S-series close up

Warranty terms & conditions

take a look at the terms & conditions for your NIBE warranty to ensure you are as up to date as can be.