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Navigate the world of heat pumps

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Navigate the world of heat pumps

We know heat pumps can seem confusing at times. There's a lot of new terminology, a lot of government legislation and even more myths and misinformation going around about heat pumps.

As such we've written a number of useful articles covering a range of heat pump topics.

If you are at the beginning of your heat pump journey and want to take your first steps we suggest you start with our Heat Pump Basics section:

Heat Pump Basics:
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The environmental impact of heat pumps

NIBE Family Plants

Everything you need to know about heat pumps

NIBE S2125

Heat pump myths debunked

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Building smart, low carbon homes

NIBE Family in hallway

Answering 17 common questions about heat pumps

NIBE Exhaust Air Heat Pump

How heat pumps can boost indoor air quality

NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump

The benefits of a whole-house integrated system

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Before You Buy

If you feel like you've grasped the basics of heat pumps and want to have a think about some considerations before purchasing, then check out our Before You Buy articles below:

Before you buy:
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NIBE Installer with Customer

What should you look for before buying a heat pump

NIBE Heat Pump in hallway

Is my house suitable for a heat pump?

NIBE Installer

Top heat pump manufacturers: What to consider

Solar Panel House

Heat pumps & planning permission

Man next to NIBE Heat Pump

Are heat pumps worth it in 2024?

NIBE Installer working

How to choose a heat pump installer

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Cost and Energy Saving

If you want to know a bit more about how heat pumps can reduce your costs and increase your energy savings then check out our useful section below.

Cost and Energy Saving:
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NIBE Installer Van

Upgrading your home can help to tackle climate change

NIBE Family Flowers

How to make your home more energy efficient

NIBE Family Bike Ride

How heat pumps can slash your home energy consumption

NIBE Heat Pump Studio

The future of heat pumps: a low carbon heating solution

NIBE Expert

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