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Air Source Heat Pump Case Study
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Broad View

A dorma style bungalow originally constructed in 1939 as a home for workers at the nearby British Steel works has undergone a significant modernisation and upgrade programme including the installation of a renewable heating system. The Jarvis' wanted to create a warm home for three generations of the family including a self-contained annexe for Mrs Jarvis’ mother.  Their intention was to ensure that both the existing property and the newly constructed extension were as energy and thermally efficient as possible. With an eye on limiting carbon emissions and smells, it was a natural choice to replace the oil boiler with an air source heat pump system from NIBE together with efficient radiators and underfloor heating. The air source heat pump system takes up very little space and delivers heating and hot water in a sustainable way meeting all the requirements of the Jarvis family.

Due to the off gas grid nature of the property a renewable energy system was an elegant solution and Orangehouse Renewables Ltd were the chosen specialist installers.  In this particular situation Orangehouse recommended a F2040 16kW air source heat pump with a NIBE UKV buffer tank and 300 litre hot water cylinder. This was designed to meet the needs of the family and to work with both the old and new parts of the house.

The Solution

“Ruth and Phil Jarvis came to us asking for a solution to replace the oil heating system and to make their home as environmentally friendly as their budget and building practicalities allowed,” said Alex Driver of Orangehouse Renewables. “Underfloor heating was fitted in the new-build annexe to maximise space and accessibility; with individual room thermostats fitted to give control over the temperature in each room. We were able to install the necessary cylinders and controls in the corner of the utility room. Underfloor heating, standard and fan assisted radiators ensure effective heat distribution to the various rooms. Fan assisted radiators are brilliant for providing efficient room heating even at lower heat pump flow temperatures. The heat pump also provides hot water for the property. The system was made even more attractive by the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) programme.”


Orangehouse Renewables designed a bespoke system to meet the requirements of the Jarvis family. The installation highlights the flexibility of renewable heating systems for new builds and existing properties. In this particular project traditional radiators, heat pump compatible fan assisted radiators, underfloor heating and hot water are all provided by the energy generated from the NIBE air source heat pump. With a little innovation supported by cutting edge renewable technologies a previously chilly, draughty house was transformed into a cosy home that everyone can enjoy.

NIBE anticipate that this system will save the Jarvis family as much as 75% from their existing bills.  This type of saving is quite typical when moving from oil to renewable sources and is just one of the reasons why those who live in off gas grid properties are discovering the financial and environmental benefits that renewable systems bring.


Ruth Jarvis, homeowner, commented; “Our home is maintained at a lovely temperature for us all and with two independently controlled thermostats it means my mother can enjoy a higher temperature environment to suit her own needs. The Air Source Heat Pump has prevented us from having costly oil bills and will have made a significant difference to our carbon footprint. The installation was seamless and we are thrilled that we have been able to make a small contribution in the drive to move homeowners away from oil systems. The previous homeowners also had Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels put on our barn roof to generate electricity for the property. Combined, with as much insulation as we could possibly have, LED lightbulbs and solar blinds at the windows we have endeavoured to make our new home as energy efficient as we could within our budget constraints.

“We are very happy with the entire process, from the advice that Orangehouse Renewables gave us, to the installation and performance of the NIBE system. I would highly recommend the transfer from oil to renewable systems which certainly gives homeowners reassurance of stable and reduced energy costs.”

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