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Fulking, West Sussex

Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study
Fulking, West Sussex

Fulking, West Sussex

A stunning new build property and indoor pool in Fulking, West Sussex is reaping the benefits of installing a renewable energy system to provide heating and hot water. As a builder, owner Ted Ratcliffe was knowledgeable regarding renewable heat systems and the solutions available and when the time came to build his own home opted for a Ground Source Heat Pump installed with boreholes to minimise the disruption to the garden and paddock and provide optimimum efficiency for this particular installation - the house alone measured 508sq metres. Mr Ratcliffe opted for the Ground Source Heat Pumps system initially to heat his home through an underfloor heating system.

After consultation with preferred contractors Nicholls Boreholes, products were specified and an installation schedule agreed. A NIBE F1345-30KW pump with 6 boreholes was installed at a depth of 115 metres to harness the natural energy from the earth. This would provide the heating and hot water for the house. It was chosen because of its credentials in supporting buildings with a high heat demand generating outputs from 24 – 540KW in cascade configuration. Speed controlled circulation pumps which are optimised for heating and hot water production and has a high flow temperatire up to 65°C for improved domestic hot water comfort. This heat pump was supported by the installation of a NIBE UKV 300 litre buffer tank which assists in the efficiencies of larger systems. It was at this point Ted realised the ease and effectiveness of the installation and commissioned a further NIBE F1145-15KW pump to provide space heating to the newly installed swimming pool and also heat the pool water. The later is achieved using a NIBE Pool 40 accessory which is optional with the F1145 range.

The Solution

“This new build home is an uncomplicated example of how renewable heat systems prove efficient alternatives to more typical systems,” said Tom Grielz Nicholls Boreholes. “Our client understood the need to future proof his home and ensured all the ground works were done at the initial installation phase, ready for the construction of the separate pool house some months later. Ted has already reaped the benefits, not only for the efficient heating in his home but also through the receipt of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments which he applied for.

“The system installation was incredibly straightforward making the renewable energy source even more appealing than other systems that could have been chosen.”


The team at Nicholls Boreholes worked with the homeowner to specify and install the system utilising their expert knowledge to achieve the aims of the homeowner. RHI payments in excess of £3,500 a year have been generated which will, over the seven year period, off set the costs of the installation considerably.

The flexibility of the project has ensured that heating and hot water is available on demand across the four bedroom luxury property, for the pool house and showers and also provides the heating system for the pool water.


Ted Ratcliffe homeowner commented; “In short I am thrilled with the results that this system has delivered and how straightforward it is to operate on a day to day basis. It is simply amazing to think the heat and hot water that I require for my home and pool house is generated from the earth.

“With an annual maintenance contract from Nicholls Boreholes, I have complete peace of mind that the system will continue to perform for many years to come. In addition, I am very pleased with the fantastic service provided by Nicholls Boreholes and the quality of the NIBE products.

“Never before has it been so important for homeowners and those in the wider construction industry to specify and commission renewable heating systems wherever possible. Awareness is growing and perceptions changing and this will surely continue to gather momentum in the coming years unlocking the potential that such systems have, not just for those properties and developments that are located ‘off grid.’ Companies such as Nicholls Boreholes and NIBE are doing so much to promote this and this is most admirable.”

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