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200 Year Old Norfolk Home with NIBE Air Source Heat Pump Wins National Award

Background to the project

A 5-bedroom 1820s home in Norfolk needed some big renovation work to transport it into the 21st century. With a more modern conservatory and double garage, the rest of the over 200-year-old property was inefficient, neglected and ran on a very old oil-fired heating system.

Adding to the lengthy list of work that needed to be done to the run-down period home, the property was off the gas grid, with no available connections for a gas boiler. It was thus certain that the property needed a serious sustainable heating system to deliver the home’s huge 43kWh heat demand and 6kWh hot water demand per year. 

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NIBE products used:

Key stats:

2x NIBE F2040 12 kW

Air Source Heat Pump


Hot Water Cylinder


Buffer Vessel


Control Module

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The solution to the project

To meet the large heat demand, 2 x NIBE F2040 12kW Air Source Heat Pumps were installed at the property, alongside a 300L water cylinder and a 200L buffer vessel. The system came installed with an additional SM0 S40 touch screen module, connecting both air source heat pumps together for seamless control of the system.

The system was designed for use with smart technology, enabling the heating system to automatically adjust based on the indoor climate. The heat pump also enables remote control of the properties heating requirements from a smartphone or tablet via NIBE’s myUplink app.

Despite the amount of work needed to be done on the property to ensure the period home was as efficient as possible and repairs to the property were up to modern-day standards, the heating system was complete with underfloor heating, 15 new radiators and the 2 x NIBE F2040 Air Source Heat Pumps.  

The Results

The addition of the underfloor heating ensured that, despite the high heating requirements of the property combined with its old-fashioned build, the system was able to run at an even lower flow temperature than usual whilst still providing for the full heating and hot water load. Compared to the old oil boiler system, the new heat pump solution has saved 12,833kgCO2/kWh per year. To put this into perspective, across the next 15 years, the new air source heat pump system has saved the same CO2 as 9167 mature trees!

R A Brown Heating Services Ltd, a trusted NIBE Pro Partner, was able to take on the challenge of this 200-year-old installation and design an efficient and sustainable system. With their knowledge, experience and certified NIBE training, a tailored heat pump solution was mapped out with several site visits to the home, whilst working alongside current building standards.

The impressive feat achieved by the installation team and homeowners, turning a run-down poorly maintained 200-year-old period home into an example of an extremely efficient low carbon heating solution didn’t go unrecognised. The Air Source Heat Pump system won the National Domestic Air Source Heat Pump Project of the Year Award at the Heat Pump Awards in 2023. 


From the homeowners:

“The installation was very efficient and professional. The engineers were courteous and pleasant, and they worked neatly and quickly. The work was completed in phases as the building work progressed and the engineers were reliable at keeping to their stated schedule.
All the work was completed to a high standard and looked professional. The engineers explained what they were doing and why during the installation process, and when it was finished they went through the system and controls to ensure that we understood how to operate it.”

Dax Parsons, General Manager of R A Brown Heating Services Ltd, added:

“We are very pleased with the recognition this project has received, winning Domestic Air Source Project at the National ACR & Heat Pump awards in 2023.
We worked with the customer, who was making significant renovations and installing renewable heating in their 200-year-old, hard to heat home. Making the choice to move to renewable heating, involves learning how a new system works and understanding its suitability to your home.

With this installation, we were advising the customer from Autumn 2019 before the purchase of their home, up until the heat pump was finally installed in April 2022. We pride ourselves on providing a service which helps support our customers through the process, by providing advice and guidance in making the transition to renewable heating.
The design of this system has been pivotal in producing excellent results. We installed a cascade system with 2 NIBE 12kW heat pumps, which has resulted in a heating system providing significant carbon reductions, saving 12,833 kg CO2/kWh per year being released into the atmosphere, compared to the old oil boiler which was removed.” 

About the installer

R A Brown Heating Services Ltd has 30 years of experience installing heating systems across Norfolk properties. The company has been installing NIBE products for as long as they’ve been installing heat pumps, recognised at national awards across the country.

As a NIBE Pro Partner, R A Brown’s installers are trained and accredited by us to install NIBE products to the highest of standards, providing customers with a 7-year warranty over their installations.

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