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Anthracite-fired heating system replaced by heat pump

Background to the project

Built in 2001, Malcolm and Christine West’s three-bedroom, one-bathroom property in Central Bedfordshire was originally fitted with a high-maintenance anthracite-fired heating system. When the time came to replace it, the couple were faced with the challenge of finding a brand new, cost-effective and energy-efficient solution. Being off-grid, a conventional gas system was not a viable option, so Mr. West researched renewable heating systems online before enlisting the expert help of renewable energy specialist and NIBE Pro Installer Better Planet.

Bedfordshire Off Grid

NIBE products used:

Key stats:

NIBE F2040 8kW

Air Source Heat Pump

  • Installation in an off-grid bungalow
  • Installed by Better Planet
  • Anthracite-fired heating system retrofit

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The solution to the project

Better Planet’s team of experts specified, designed, sized and fitted a new NIBE F2040 air source heat pump (ASHP) system – made up of an 8kW ASHP, complete with hot water storage and intelligent controls.

Before going ahead with the installation, it was crucial for Better Planet to ensure the property was adequately insulated and airtight, so the system could perform to its full potential and qualify for ongoing payments under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The bungalow already had cavity wall insulation, but the team advised that the couple increase the loft insulation for maximum heat-loss protection. They also resized the radiators in the bedrooms to run at a maximum temperature of 50°C, and adjusted the existing manifolds of the underfloor heating in the rest of the house.

The Results

Now fully up and running, the Wests’ NIBE system utilises renewable energy from the air outside the bungalow to provide a consistent and convenient supply of space heating and hot water all year round. The couple were also successfully accepted onto the domestic RHI scheme, and expect to receive annual payments of £563 for the next seven years.


I’ve always been interested in renewable heating technologies, but they weren’t as well established when the house was originally built. However, when our existing anthracite boiler started to approach the end of its 14-year lifespan, we made the decision to upgrade. We're also getting older, and realised that the regular refuelling and ash removal could become quite taxing in the future. All in all, it seemed like the right time to switch to a greener, less demanding system – and we’re delighted we did.
Charles and the Better Planet team were extremely helpful, courteous and reliable at every stage of the process, including during our RHI application on the Ofgem website. The application process itself was quick and straightforward – we did everything online and it took just two weeks from start to finish. We’re very happy with our new NIBE air source system, and are looking forward to hassle-free heating seasons for many years to come!

Malcolm and Christine West

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