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Air source heat pump results in SCOP of 3.9

Background to the project

Guy Newey, the Chief Executive Officer at Energy Systems Catapult, knows all too well about the opportunities for consumers and businesses to help decarbonise the way we heat our buildings. To see the benefits of heat pumps for himself, Guy thought to get one installed.

With a not-so energy efficient property and a desire to practice what he preached, it was clear that Guy wanted a sustainable heating system that would keep his family of five warm and comfortable all year round.

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NIBE F2040 16kW

Air Source Heat Pump

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The solution to the project

To minimise the need for insulation and fabric improvements to the property, Guy opted for an experienced heat pump installer. Installed by Wesley, one of our expert NIBE Pro Installers from West Hampstead Plumbing and Heating, Guy opted for a 16kW F2040 Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP). Wesley started his journey to becoming a heat pump installer with NIBE’s fully supported best in class training partnership scheme, NIBE Pro. This meant that he was well versed in pre-installation requirements and measurements. His past experience meant that he was able to specify a NIBE system that would provide sufficient heating throughout the year in the old, inefficient property.

The Results

The installation of a NIBE 16kW ASHP into Guy’s home has been a huge success. The system did not feature any additional heat sources and fully meets the requirements of the property, keeping Guy, his wife and three kids comfortable all year round.

The system can be altered and monitored remotely by both Guy and the installer, helping them to identify any issues and optimise efficiencies. The controls mean that the heat pump automatically adapts to the outdoor weather forecast and home scheduling, delivering further carbon and energy bill savings.

A full heat loss survey for the property and radiator suitability assessment prior to the heat pump being installed meant the system was sized appropriately for the property’s heat requirements. The results have seen the property reach projected System Seasonal Efficiency (SPF) levels of 3.76, and this year the system is operating at a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) level of 3.9!

Guy Newey has reported that he is extremely satisfied with his F2040 heat pump, with Wesley telling us that when it comes to keeping the family comfortable even during the recent very cold winter months, it ‘simply works’ as it should.

The installation process also gave Guy the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with the low carbon technology at the forefront of clean energy growth across the UK, strengthening his knowledge in parallel with his vital role at Energy Systems Catapult. The process provided an opportunity to see for himself what a retrofit installation entails, and the vital work installers do to contribute to the transition to domestic energy-efficient heating.


Guy Newey, Chief Executive of Energy Systems Catapult, said:

“The whole process went about as well as I could have hoped. Right from the initial conversation, Wes supported us through designing the system and how it would fit with our needs. The install itself was well coordinated with the kitchen makeover we were doing at the same time, and the NIBE heating system has worked brilliantly.
Rooms which we struggled to get warm are now toasty, and the heat pump is working super efficiently. Throughout the install and afterwards, Wes has been brilliant at helping us navigate the journey.”

Wesley is one of our NIBE Pro Installers, helping the installation to go as smoothly as possible. With our best in class training and support, Wesley was able to carry out an effective pre-installation assessment of the property. The full heat loss survey ensured Guy’s system provided cost-effective, sustainable heating despite the property’s low initial EPC rating.

About the installer

West Hampstead Plumbing, located in North London, have been plumbing and keeping home’s warm for over twenty years, priding themselves on their punctual and reliable service.

With a 5* rating on Google and a team of NIBE Pro installers at the ready, West Hampstead Plumbing keeps energy efficiency at the heart of their business.

Visit their website here.

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