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The Common, West Wratting

Air Source Heat Pump Case Study
The Common, West Wratting

The Common, West Wratting

For homeowner Alexander Sims moving from oil to a renewable heating method was an essential part of the renovations of his 18th century thatched cottage, in Cambridgeshire, which had seen two previous extensions – one in the 1950’s and one in the 1980’s – added to make a more spacious family home. During the renovation planning stage Mr Sims ascertained that an Air Source Heat Pump would be the most suitable renewable heating system for his home and that this would allow him to move away from the cost, inconvenience and lack of environmental credentials attributed to oil systems.

Consultation with Eco Installer saw the specification of NIBE F2040 16Kw Air Source Heat Pump along with an SM020 controller, NIBE relay module and circulation pump and 300 litre megacoil hotwater cyclinder. The installation was connected to a newly fitted underfloor heating system and is supported by Solar Panels on the roof of the property which generate electricity to help run the system.


“This is a great example of how cutting edge renewable heating systems can be integrated into older properties,” said Roland Gurner Managing Director Eco Installer. “This property now benefits from a very energy efficient method of providing heating and hot water and the installation was very straightforward and was able to be installed with minimum disruption to the property.

“Heat Pumps are ideal as a replacement to oil or LPG systems with both Air Source and Ground Source having many benefits. The system has resulted in the property securing an EPC rating of ‘A’ and Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) payments in line with our predictions.”


Payments of around £1300 per annum for each of the seven years associated with the scheme are now enjoyed by the homeowners.

An ambient temperature and plentiful hot water are realised in all weather conditions and combined with the 10kW of solar panels, high quality double glazing and levels of insulation the old cottage and its two extensions are now maintained at a comfortable temperature with ease and simplicity.


Alexander Sims homeowner commented; “We contacted Eco Installer, along with a few other companies, and I was most impressed with Roland’s knowledge and enthusiasm for our project. We were renovating our entire house and wanted to change from our oil boiler with radiators to an ASHP with underfloor heating throughout. Cost was not critical to whether we proceeded with this type of system, it was more about future proofing the property to ensure it became more energy efficient.

“Everything has worked out fantastically well and we are really happy with the results. The NIBE Air Source Heat Pump is quiet, looks nice and functions all year round. The support received to make sure we know how everything works has been excellent and I feel every penny spent was worth it. I would definitely recommend both the NIBE system and Eco Installer and feel that more homeowners should explore the benefits that renewable energy systems can bring to domestic properties.”

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