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Craven Hall Farm, Halifax

Ground Source Heat Pump Case Study
Craven Hall Farm, Halifax

Craven Hall Farm, Halifax

A Yorkshire stone farm house situated in the rolling hills of West Yorkshire has been completely renovated after a devastating fire all but destroyed the property. Craven Hall Farm, which was built in c.1820 had been converted to a modern family home in 2010 and later became the home of Tony Rogan and his family. The decision had already been made to install a NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump system when disaster struck. Whilst away from the property an electrical fault saw a fire take hold which destroyed the roof completely and which necessitated the entire interior of the property to be removed leaving no electricity, no plumbing and no interior walls.

As owner of his own construction company Tony was able to instruct his own building works and it was at that point that it was decided to create a modern home with minimal carbon foot print. With the help of local installer Wayne Slattery from Brian Slattery Plumbing a NIBE F1155 12kW Ground Source Heat Pump was specified along with a VPB300 hot water cylinder, FLM air recovery unit and the NIBE Uplink system to allow remote control of the system via the internet.

The Solution

“I was already working with Tony when the fire took place and it was such a devastating thing to see,” said Wayne Slattery. “When it became clear that it was almost a rebuild Tony took the decision to develop the sustainable side of the property and install not only the Ground Source Heat Pump but look at other ways in which he could manage the carbon footprint.

“Around 700m of collector loops were installed in the garden to harness the natural heat and this was combined with the latest inverter driven NIBE F1155 Ground Source Heat Pump to maximise efficiencies. We also installed a hot water cylinder and a NIBE FLM Exhaust Air Module which would help to reduce the heating bills further. This works in conjunction with the Ground Source Heat Pump to recycle stale air from the home, extract the energy from it and then reuse it to increase the temperature or the fluid in the collector loops. This not only improves the air quality of the home but also recovers heat traditionally lost when using standard ventilation systems such as wall fans.

“Furthermore a NIBE Uplink system has been installed and commissioned giving myself and the Tony the ability to control and monitor the system to ensure maximum efficiencies are achieved both from a personal choice perspective and from a system control angle.

“Working with Tony to deliver his vision for a sustainable home has been a fantastic project to work on and it is most pleasing to see the system working efficiently in every way. The property is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments and it is anticipated that upon application these payments will significantly contribute to the installation costs of the system


Tony Rogan homeowner commented; “Whilst this was never the intended outcome when we initially decided to install a new Ground Source Heat Pump it has evolved to become a stunning home with a superb heating and hot water system.

“When the extent of the fire damage was realised we knew that we had to seize the opportunity to future proof the home, managing its carbon footprint and installing as much technology as we could to facilitate this.

“In addition to the NIBE system we also have low energy lighting and the ability to manage our lighting and appliances remotely – combined with the heating and hot water it is a truly efficient home suitable for modern lifestyles.

“The original character and external appearance of the traditional Yorkshire farm house has been retained apart from a small change to one gable end that required rebuilding. Inside, though the house has a real ‘wow’ factor with large en-suite facilities and walk in wardrobes, achieved by reducing the bedrooms from four to three during the rebuilding of the interior walls.

“Overall, we are absolutely thrilled with our newly modelled home and the NIBE system is performing just as we hoped and expected. The support from Wayne has been exemplary – he made small adjustments on a regular basis for a short time after commissioning to achieve the temperature and performance we desired. For us, living in such a rural community renewable energy is unquestionably the ideal solution and I would recommend others to embrace the power of nature.”

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