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Aberdeenshire family self build picks sustainable NIBE heat pump

Background information of the project

Ryan, alongside his wife Jemma and three-year-old daughter Miley, wanted to do something bold and different. Ryan’s father laid his passions in carpentry and built the house that the family grew up in. 300 yards away from their self-built family home, Ryan continued the legacy of his father by building a modern, innovative and eco-friendly home, carrying out much of the building work himself.

Utilising Insulated Concrete Framework (ICF), roof insulation, sustainable cladding, and with the plans to add solar panels on the roof in the future, the property truly is the home of the future.

Despite all the modern and sustainable building fabric, the crème de la crème of the project was the seal of approval from Ryan’s initial inspiration, his father.  

Aberdeenshire Retrofit

NIBE products used:

Key stats:

NIBE F2040

Air Source Heat Pump

NIBE ERS 10-400

Heat Recovery Unit


Control Module

  • Installed by W Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Ltd. 
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Low operational costs

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The solution to the project

To compliment the eco theme, Ryan and his family opted for a NIBE F2040-12 Air Source Heat Pump, with a system designed by W Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

With pre-insulating fabric installed, a much smaller system was needed, keeping initial costs down. Further to this, the ICF used creates an almost igloo like system, holding heat throughout the day and slowly releasing it back into the house at night, reducing the need for high heating bills.

The NIBE heat pump was installed alongside underfloor heating on the ground floor, mechanical ventilation and a heat recovery system with a NIBE ERS 10-400 heat recovery ventilation unit. The NIBE installation provides the property with around the clock heating and ventilation provision keeping Ryan and his family warm, comfortable and healthy in their home.

In addition to this, the NIBE SMO 40 home control module provides the family with better and more precise control over their heating system, whilst automatically adjusting the buildings climate system in accordance with air quality and temperature levels. The module enables both the heat pump and ventilation unit to communicate centrally, working together to conserve energy, adapt heating demand and improve indoor air quality with balanced ventilation.

The NIBE myUplink app allows them to take full control over the heat pump system too, whilst enabling full control from their smart devices even when they’re not in the house.  

The Results

Ryan’s NIBE installation alongside the control module and myUplink use has been so impressive that Ryan’s father has been inspired by the system, opting for a NIBE heat pump for his own self build home.

Ryan and the family have been particularly impressed by quiet operation of the heat pump. Costs have been reduced for the family with the system too, with energy bills decreasing to around £100 in the summer. This is assisted by the heat recovery unit working in tandem with the heat pump, adapting operation based on the level of heat recovery provided by the ERS module.  


“Our NIBE system has been reliable, efficient and keeps us warm and comfortable throughout the year.

We have been particularly impressed by how seamless our system’s work together to provide both low carbon heating and balanced ventilation, reducing energy consumption and minimising our energy costs.

The system also emits very little noise – becoming almost unnoticeable, even in the winter months. We have been so pleased with NIBE that our family have taken inspiration for their own sustainable heating systems.” 

About the installer

W Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Ltd are a Scottish based heat pump installer established in 2002. They have expertise across the field, installing sustainable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units across Scotland.

NIBE System

NIBE Heat Pump

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