Start About NIBE News [2021-12-20] A look back over an eventful year  

A look back over an eventful year


A blog by Neil Hope, Head of Installer Development at NIBE Energy Systems

The last couple of years will certainly be remembered by the industry for the obstacles they have presented to our normal operations and supply chains. 2021, however, was also filled with key milestones and new policies that will assist the roll-out of renewable technologies in the years to come.

Cop26 in Glasgow has been described as a turning point in the history of climate action, where world leaders came together to set key ambitions regarding tackling global warming and climate change. Whilst there was some criticism that these ambitions didn’t go far enough, there were many positive steps forward in promoting renewable heating measures. One of the headline announcements from the closing stages of the conference was the agreement of a 190 strong coalition of countries to phase down coal. Likewise, over 80 countries pledged to cut methane emissions by at least 30% by 2030, and 100 nations agreed to end and reverse deforestation by 2030.

The long-awaited Heat & Buildings Strategy also gave us all some hope that we are one step closer to achieving Net Zero. The industry collectively welcomed the announcement of the phase out of new natural gas boiler installations from 2035. The promotion of heat pumps in relation to this target was noteworthy, and it was good to see that the Government expressed its intention to support manufacturers and suppliers in achieving an efficient roll-out of the technology. There were clear goals set to reduce the cost of installing a heat pump some 25-50% by 2025, and to ensure heat pumps are no more expensive to buy and run than gas boilers by 2030. The announcement of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which will replace the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in April 2022, will help to achieve this ambition through monetary grants to homeowners.

The Heat Pump Association, which NIBE is an executive member of, also launched their heat pump installer training course in anticipation of the demand for heat pumps in the coming decades. With backing from the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, over 40,000 installers can be trained each year within the scheme across 38 UK centres, including ours in Chesterfield.

This year has also been successful for us here at NIBE, despite the obvious obstacles brought about by the pandemic. For example, we launched our new range of smart home products and solar PV, which will help more households partake in a greener, more connected way of living.

So, what is next for NIBE in 2022? Our partnership scheme NIBE Pro, through which installers can receive quality training to install low carbon technologies, is undergoing some changes. A new E-learning portal is being introduced to help installers develop both skills and knowledge. Our new web shop is also being launched, where you can spend your points accumulated throughout the scheme.

If you are a heating installer interested in joining the energy revolution by installing low carbon heat pumps, you can find out more about NIBE Pro here.