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NIBE Welcomes the Government’s Energy Security Strategy Announcements

NIBE Welcomes announcements made today to boost the Government’s Net Zero agenda and speed up the rollout of heat pump systems across the UK. 

Part of the Government’s ‘Energy Security Day’ schedule included announcements that will help to accelerate the rollout of heat pump systems across the UK. NIBE is particularly pleased with plans to rebalance green energy levies to provide further benefits and cost competitiveness when electrifying home heating using heat pumps.

With green levies currently being placed on electricity bills, the cost savings for consumers when installing heat pump systems are often artificially lowered. By ensuring electricity prices are decoupled for gas prices and the levies redistributed, heat pumps will become an increasingly attractive option for households and businesses.

NIBE also welcomes the extension of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) to help consumers with the upfront costs of heat pump systems. Increasing cost competitiveness and savings with heat pumps will further increase consumer appetite for decarbonising how we heat our homes. We have been calling on the Government to address the shortfall in BUS uptake to date and emphasising the need for a longer-term support mechanism.

NIBE’s experts have often referenced the need for low carbon, low-cost heating systems fit for a Net Zero world, and so announcements today which provide greater clarity for the direction of heat pumps in the UK will provide confidence across the industry and focus attention on heat pumps as a viable and well-established alternative to fossil fuels. We hope that the Government continues to consider a phase out date for fossil fuel boilers to incentivise electrification.

We are also pleased that the Government is placing greater focus on accelerating the manufacturing and supply chain of heat pumps in the UK by introducing a £30 million Heat Pump Investment Accelerator Programme. NIBE is ready to be at the forefront of heat pump deployment in the UK and following discussions with the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero last year about the programme, we are excited to explore the opportunities that today’s announcement will bring for the UK heat pump market.

A refreshed Net Zero Strategy can only bring positive news for the industry, and NIBE is ready to provide best in class training and products to help bring about meaningful change in the sustainable domestic heating sector. Announcements confirming help for domestic insulation and smart controls will further ensure homes are set for the heat pump transition and will be able to take advantage of maximum energy and cost savings with NIBE’s systems.

Phil Hurley, Managing Director of NIBE Energy Systems, added:

“Today’s announcements have provided much needed clarity for the UK heat pump industry, and we are proud to be at the forefront of delivering high quality heat pump products and training and technical support for installers to help deliver the drive to ensure we meet our Net Zero targets.

We hope the Government continues this momentum and drives more resources into heat pump awareness for consumers whilst improving consumer incentives to drive the uptake of heat pump systems across the UK. We look forward to working with the industry and Government to see these plans come to life to enable households to access affordable, low carbon heat.” 


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