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NIBE Expands its Range by Introducing a Brand-New Air Source Heat Pump


NIBE Energy Systems has launched a brand-new Air Source Heat Pump designed to work silently and efficiently, every day of the year.

With a high seasonal performance factor of 5.0, the new NIBE S2125 provides five times as much heat per year than an electric heater - but with the same energy consumption!

It also offers a supply temperature of up to 75°C and still delivers up to 65 °C when the outdoor temperature is as low as -25°C and uses the industry-leading R290 all-natural refrigerant.

“Heat pumps have a big role to play in decarbonising home heating over the next three decades so that we can reach Net Zero by 2050, and NIBE is passionate about providing consumers with smart, intelligent products that offer a comfortable home all year round,” said Jonny Hancock, Product Manager at NIBE Energy Systems.

“Part of the NIBE S-Series, the S2125 Air Source Heat Pump is our latest offering to the market, operating silently and efficiently from summer to winter and working seamlessly with NIBE indoor modules to form an effective climate system for the home.”

The NIBE S2125 is designed to be combined with a NIBE VVM S320 indoor module or NIBE SMO control module and NIBE Megacoil hot water cylinder to offer a complete system to supply the building’s heating and hot water requirements. The compatible products include a smart user-friendly control system, hot water storage cylinder, and a self-regulating circulation pump. It can also be connected to the full range of NIBE accessories, including NIBE solar PV, NIBE ERS ventilation systems and additional heat sources to offer flexible system solutions.

Among the most efficient heating systems on the market, air source heat pumps offer an ideal solution to fossil fuel heating in retrofits or new build homes. The new product adds to NIBE’s range of intelligent, energy-efficient heat pumps, giving high comfort and low energy consumption.

Commenting on the new product, Phil Hurley, Managing Director of NIBE Energy Systems (UK) said: “NIBE strives to maximise the output of each and every single product, and our industry-leading air source heat pump is no exception. We are committed to offering a wide range of smart, highly efficient products that cool, heat, ventilate and supply hot water – all without harming the environment.”

Like all heat pumps in the NIBE S-Series range, the S2125 sits at the heart of any smart home by working together with NIBE’s collection of myUplink wireless smart home accessories. Delivering comfort through connectivity, each of the smart home accessories connects in a mesh network arrangement, communicating with each other to create a simpler but more advanced home.

The product launch builds on NIBE’s promise to continuously update its products, and to make it easy to be ‘smart.’

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