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NIBE’s newest air source heat pump proclaimed as Best Heating Product of the year

NIBE are honoured to have received the award for “Best Heating System or Product” at the Build It Awards for our S2125 Air Source Heat Pump. NIBE prides itself in its highly efficient, energy saving systems, and so it’s no surprise that our S2125 inverter-controlled air source heat pump has been recognised for its performance and high efficiency, low carbon heat to homes.

The NIBE S2125 provides a highly efficient climate system for your home, producing optimised savings tailored to individual power needs. Not only does the S2125 provide a supply temperature of up to 75oC, the heat pump still delivers temperatures of up to 65 °C, even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -25°C. It does this at extremely low sound levels ensuring minimum disruption to customers.

The NIBE S2125 is one of the most efficient air source heat pump products available on the market, and can also provide humidity-controlled cooling, acting as a fully reversible heating and cooling solution for the home. Paired with a NIBE S-Series controller and our wireless smart home accessories, our heat pump seamlessly integrates with your connected home. Wireless integration and our pre-installed smart technology also gives you complete control of the system from your smartphone or tablet via the MyUplink app, providing high comfort and low energy consumption whilst you go about your day.

The NIBE S2125 is even better news for the environment, using an all-natural refrigerant with extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP). Plus, its high seasonal performance rating (SCOP) of 5.0 really sets it apart from the competition and ensures that the heat pump delivers significant carbon savings.

Save money and reduce your emissions today by investing in the innovative, intelligent NIBE S2125 air source heat pump.


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