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Introducing the NIBE S1256 and S1156 Ground Source Heat Pumps

New in the S-Series: NIBE’s most energy efficient ground source heat pumps yet. Setting the bar for premium, innovative and intelligent heating solutions.  

As a manufacturer dedicated solely to heat pumps, NIBE stands out from the crowd, offering installers a range of high efficiency, climate-friendly heat pumps for their customers.

Setting the benchmark for energy efficiency, the new NIBE S1256 boasts a seasonal performance factor of up to 6.22. With a reduced global warming potential over six times the heating energy is produced than is required in electricity consumption for its operation, aligning with NIBE’s longstanding commitment to sustainability.

Installer and homeowner friendly, the S1256 strikes the perfect balance between high hot water capacity, efficiently delivering up to 300 litres of hot water without the help of the immersion heater, and low noise levels. Achieving an impressive energy rating (A+++), it delivers on both performance and energy efficiency, building on NIBE’s history as Europe’s leading manufacturer of residential heat pumps.

Installers can confidently offer the new solution to their customers in new and existing homes of up to approx. 400 m2, with a sister model (S1156) available without the integrated water heater, offering additional flexibility. The two models give installers a well-rounded choice of options for their customers based on individual requirements, available space, and interior layout.

Offering peace of mind for installers and their customers, the Ground Source Heat pump comes with a two-year warranty, with NIBE Pro installers being offered extended warranties of up to seven years. Both the S1256 and S1156 form part of NIBE’s renowned S Series range, tailored to meet expectations of modern living. The products feature a user-friendly touchscreen and full Wi-Fi integration and are compatible with NIBE’s full range of Smart Home Accessories, enabling seamless connectivity through remote monitoring, insights, and control.

Users can check operational data, set the heat pump to adjust based on the outdoor weather forecast, and connect to smart devices, home speakers and the Cloud for hands-free control and monitoring.

Installers can currently offer the new models to customers looking to benefit from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, with government grants of £7,500 available towards the cost of a Ground Source Heat Pump.


Key Feautures

  • A+++ Energy Rating, even at temperatures up to 55°C
  • Highly efficient, with a SCOP rating of 6.22
  • Integrated hot water cylinder of 180L
  • A reduced Global Warming Potential
  • Smart integration for seamless connectivity and control
  • Low noise level of less than 47 db(A)   

Paul Smith, Managing Director at NIBE Energy Systems UK, said: 

“We are excited to be able to offer our installers two brand new Ground Source Heat Pumps. Our installer network works with a diverse range of homes across the country, all with different requirements, needs and budgets, and we are proud to provide them with yet another solution. Our exclusive focus on heat pumps makes us more than just a manufacturer; NIBE’s legacy is built on expertise cultivated over more than four decades, meaning installers can confidently offer their customers a product from a company with a proven track record, ensuring reliability and long-term satisfaction.”   

Installers can also offer NIBE’s award winning PV-T panels to customers who would like a Ground Source Heat Pump but are reluctant to commit to the associated groundworks and boreholes. The PV-T panels act as both an electricity and heating source, consequently removing the need for ground works whilst producing clean, home-grown energy.

Find out more about the new Ground Source Heat Pump models here.

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