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NIBE Launches Most Powerful Exhaust Air Heat Pump Yet

Unveiling the newest addition to our sleek, stylish and intelligent S-Series range, we are delighted to introduce our all-new S735 Exhaust Air Heat Pump.

The NIBE S735 Exhaust Air Heat Pump (EAHP) is our most powerful and energy efficient to date. Available in two sizes, the S735 is designed to provide heating, hot water and ventilation within a compact internal footprint.

Utilising the all-natural R290 refrigerant trusted in our heat pumps since 1998, the S735 refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 3. The heat pump contains just 420 grams of refrigerant, the equivalent of 1.26kg of CO2 content.

The NIBE S735’s 3-in-1 compact design is perfect for apartments and new build houses up to 160m2 or approximately 6kw peak heating load. The inverter driven compressor easily adapts to the property needs, and for dwellings with a larger hot water demand, the versatile S735 can be supplemented with the NIBE VPB S200 hot water cylinder to provide total stored hot water of 380 litres, equal to an 8-person occupancy. Moreover, due to the innovative workings of NIBE Exhaust Air Source Heat Pumps, the S735 removes the need for outdoor heat pumps and standalone heat recovery ventilation systems.

NIBE S735 features the S-Series control system for user friendly operation, whilst being designed for a simple installation and commissioning process.

The S-Series Wi-Fi network enables NIBE’s full range of myUplink smart home Accessories to unlock demand-controlled ventilation and time and temperature-controlled heating zones to provide compliance with Part F and L of the building regulations.

This exciting new addition to the NIBE heat pump assortment joins with an impressive A+++ energy rating, sound power of less than 49dB, is MCS Certified with a published SCOP of 4.29 and listed under the SAP Product Characteristics Data Base as both an MEV and heat pump product.

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CIBSE Journal - Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

This module within the CIBSE journal explores the potential for the application of air source heat pumps and exhaust air heat pumps in the UK and other countries with similar climates.

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