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In 2019 the UK were the first major economy to announce that it will cut all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. The purpose of a CPD presentation is to explore the crucial role heat pumps are to play in this energy transition, while teaching the audience the fundamental principles behind heat pump and other low carbon technology operation.

Attend a CIBSE CPD approved course on heat pumps presented by a NIBE expert. This can count towards your CPD points.

Presentation Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the policy being implemented and developed to increase the installation of this technology, as well as looking at the impact this will have on indoor air quality and the environment in which we live in.
  • Why heat pumps are crucial to the UKs transition to net-zero carbon by 2050
  • Current and upcoming changes to policy and regulation in the UK that will impact professionals in the industry.
  • The principles behind the refrigeration cycle.
  • Exploring heat pump performance and how this is measured.
  • The principles behind Ground Source, Air Source and Exhaust Air heat pump technology including their applications.