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The NIBE S735 is an intelligent inverter-controlled exhaust air heat pump with an integrated hot water heater, providing heating, hot water and ventilation efficiently and economically. It provides large savings as it automatically adapts to your home’s heating needs.

The NIBE S735 has a high seasonal performance factor, which results in low operating costs. Its low noise level, stylish design and compact size make it easy to put in place and install. Designed for new builds and also suitable for replacement. The NIBE S735 can be docked to other heat sources, and with the NIBE supply air module it is also suitable for homes with exhaust and supply air ventilation.

With integrated wifi and the possibility of connecting to wireless accessories, the S Series will become a natural part of your connected home. Smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically and gives you enjoy full control over the system via your smartphone or tablet. High comfort level and low energy consumption – and you're doing nature a favour at the same time.


Our compact indoor solution for the provision of heating, hot water, and ventilation.


R290 refrigerant for reduced environmental impact.


Combining ventilation heat recovery with heath pump technology to deliver high seasonal performance and economic operation


Smart ventilation based on temperature, humidity and CO2 levels with myUplink smart home


New design for low noise level, 49dB(A) nominal sound power level

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NIBE S735-7

Advanced functions

With our wide range of accessories, the heat pump can offer a wide range of functions for heating, ventilation and solar electricity production. Click on the “Accessories” tab above to read more about the different accessories offered.

NIBE Smart Price Adaption

With Smart Price Adaption (SPA)*, the heat pump will monitor the prices on the Nordic NordpoolSpot electricity trading exchange and can reduce the variable electricity cost of your electricity bill by 5–10%. The heat pump then works the most when the electricity costs the least, and vice versa. To activate the function, you need to be connected to myUplink and have a variable rate electricity contract per hour. Your heat pump gets information on the electricity prices for the coming 24-hour period and then adjusts its operation based on the price and your expected heating and hot water needs. *Requires a variable hourly rate electricity contract

Integrated hot water heater

The hot water heater built into the heat pump is insulated with environmentally friendly foam for minimal heat loss. Accessories for larger hot water volumes can be connected.

High hot water capacity

Provides up to 264 litres of 40 degree water.


Using the Internet and the myUplink app, you get a quick status overview of the heat pump and the heating in your home. This flexible solution enables you to easily monitor and control heating and hot water production. In the event of a malfunction in the system, you will promptly receive a push notification and e-mail notifying you of this. With myUplink, you can use the smart services Weather Forecast Control for more even heating and operation, and Smart Price Adaption*, in order to further reduce energy costs. You can automatically receive ongoing software updates for optimal operation and the latest features. The WiFi connection also enables you to connect the heat pump to your already smart home. *Requires variable hourly rate contract

Natural refrigerant

The refrigerant moves energy in the form of liquid or gas in the heat pump. This heat pump works with a natural refrigerant that has a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential) value, for a sustainable climate and nature footprint.


The heat pump has a touchscreen with a colour display, intuitive interface and built-in intelligence. Using a heat pump has never been easier. With the myUplink app, it becomes part of your smart home and makes your everyday life easier. Voice control with Google Home is just one example. The design is Scandinavian and stylish and the door opens with a simple push.

Low noise level

Designed to give off little noise.


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Product efficiency class room heating, 35 °C


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System efficiency class room heating, 35 °C


System efficiency class room heating, 55 °C


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Energy Labels (ELI) S735-4, ( sv )
Energy Labels (ELI) NIBE S735-7 E