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NIBE exhaust air heat pumps

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

The most powerful exhaust air heat pump we have ever made

Exhaust air is an innovative technology that removes the barriers associated with air and ground source heat pumps.

That's right, there is no outdoor unit required. No ground works and no outside heat pump. NIBE's first heat pump was an exhaust air heat pump and we've just released our most powerful exhaust air heat pump to date.

Advantages of choosing a heat pump from NIBE

Someone to trust

We've designed the S-Series to be a natural part of your comfortable and energy-efficient home. It provides warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. It ensures that you always have hot water in the tap and a house that is healthy.

Upgrade to the S-Series

The S-Series is our most advanced product to date and is the result of Swedish engineering. It is designed to meet tomorrow's challenges in technology and innovative design. The smart technology makes the heat pump a natural part of your connected home.

The history of NIBE

NIBE has been manufacturing heat pumps for over forty years. Our heat pumps have decades of research and development behind them, resulting in extremely efficient technology and unique innovations.