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Upgrade The Feeling of Home

With an S-Series heat pump

Heat pumps for today, and the future

The best way to future-proof your heating system is to prepare for your heat pump purchase well in advance. Get in touch with a NIBE Expert and we'll review your project and put you in touch with the most suitable installer.

Our NIBE Pro installers are fully trained and accredited to fit our products to the highest standard and will assist you in choosing the right NIBE system to meet your heating needs.

Det hållbara valet

Someone to trust. In all weathers

We've designed the S Series to be a natural part of your comfortable and energy-efficient home. It provides warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer. It ensures that you always have hot water in the tap and a house that is healthy.

Det bekväma valet

Tradition to rely on. In all weathers.

More than 70 years of experience in sustainable energy solutions and a strong pioneering spirit has resulted in the S Series. As a result we have heat pump technology that can cope with the tough challenges of the Nordic climate and protect future generations.

Det enkla valet

Quality you can trust. In all weathers.

Behind every heat pump is hours of hard work. We review, perform risk analyses, lab tests and field tests and we test every single heat pump in operation before it leaves the factory. All to provide you with worry-free warmth, for many years to come.

Budskap 4

Warmth and security. In all weathers.

An S Series heat pump takes care of itself, will let you know if something happens and will always be with you. It's always up-to-date and getting smarter and smarter over time. We think you'll appreciate that, especially in ten years' time.

Alltid en återförsäljare nära dig

Always Close

Closeness provides a sense of security. Of course, a lot can be solved remotely, but it's a bonus to have your heat pump installer nearby to quickly provide help when it counts.

Wherever you live in the country you will be close to one of our dedicated installers who know about heat pumps, hot water, cooling technology and ventilation. From Land's End to John o'Groats.