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Showcasing your heat pumps installations with a case study – the power of story telling

As an installer, being able to clearly communicate what you have to offer to those thinking of engaging your expertise is crucial to remaining in the trade.

With good persuasion, new business can be acquired, and your skills and expertise can be demonstrated. To put it simply, you must advertise what you are offering, and great advertising is about great storytelling.

The most effective way to win potential new customers is through case studies to explain what you do as a business. The case study is a powerful tool to illustrate what a heat pump is, what they can do and the benefits and comforts they can add to a home.

Whether you are new to installing heat pumps or have been installing them for many years, installation case studies are a great way to demonstrate your previous projects to your new customers.

The energy crisis means that more and more people are researching ways to reduce energy costs and having real-life examples available on your website can really help someone decide to make the switch.

With easy access to cameras and video making tools today, case studies can be as simple as a few photographs or videos uploaded from your phone to your website and social media pages. We love to see our heat pumps being installed and so do homeowners.  

Stick to the basics and remember to keep them simple. Most homeowners won’t be interested in the finer technical details. They are likely to be more interested in the cost, the savings, and the installation process.  

Let’s look at some of the common questions potential customers may have which would help you form your installation case studies. 

What is a heat pump and how will it work in my home? 

Addressing this question with a couple of lines or a 30 second video clip is more than enough to explain how a heat pump works for most people. Customers are not used seeing their boiler or cylinder as they tend to be kept in cupboards, so it is an excellent idea to provide images or include a video of the heat pump in the home.

We find providing details on all the technologies installed really helps engage customers and highlights how the heat pump integrates with controls and PV for example.   

What did it cost?  

A clear explanation of running costs is important to show the difference in current and future fuel bills. Testimonials from customers really add weight to the modelled savings and can be a great addition to a case study.  

It is also worth mentioning that installation costs differ from installation to installation and accurate costs can be provided following a site survey. If the case study benefited from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, it would be a good idea to provide a brief explanation of the eligibility and where to find more information. 

Is my property suitable?  

When customers review case studies, they will be looking for an installation that matches closely to their own property. It is worth creating a few case studies showcasing different property types including new builds, 1950’s semi-detached, Victorian terraces, commercial buildings, etc. In a nutshell, if this is the first time you have carried out an installation a type of property – then it is worth your time creating a case study.

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