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NIBE Welcomes recommendations from the Future Homes Hub

NIBE Energy Systems supports the recommendations from the Future Homes Hub to expand heat pump rollout in new build homes. The report suggested that an Industry Government Future Homes Standard Implementation Board should be established with a heat pump subgroup to strengthen collaboration between the two sectors. We are glad to see the new build sector taking heat pumps seriously. With the Government wanting to install 600,000 of them per year by 2028, ensuring the homes of the future are producing sustainable energy will benefit consumers as well as the environment. It was clear in the Future Homes Standard that new homes must be energy efficient, and we hope that substance will be added to these calls by implementing the Hub’s recommendations for greater standard implementation and oversight procedures, and more robust heat pump rollout through collaboration between key manufacturers and government policy framework.

NIBE was founded 70 years ago in Markaryd, Sweden, and so we resonate with the Future Homes Hub’s recommendations to learn from international leaders such as Sweden to inform the UK’s net zero homes strategy. Learning from successful policy implementation in other countries is a sure-fire way to fast-track the rollout of low carbon, energy efficient heating systems, and NIBE is ready to be at the forefront of delivering this. As 2025 approaches requiring all new homes to produce 75-80% less carbon emissions, we hope that we can play a part in producing zero carbon ready homes fit for the future.

The report also stated that competency schemes covering heat pumps orientated around new build homes should be established for designers and installers. We welcome these calls, along with recommendations to raise design standards for low energy homes using heat pump technology. These recommendations will raise the standards for design in new build homes and ensure that heat pump installers can deliver maximum energy efficiency to new homes with successful installations.

NIBE also supports the recommendation to provide a readily available, stable, and consistent version of SAP11, the government’s current system for assessing and comparing the energy rating of households. Increasing the accuracy of SAP in new versions will provide better indications of the energy performance and fuel costs incurred by new homes, and further identify and target improvements in energy efficiency.

As the Government upscales its support for installers through the recently announced £5 million Heat Training Grant, and NIBE seeks to offer additional support to those looking at becoming an MCS Certified heat pump engineer, we are ready to provide the skills and products needed to enforce the Future Homes Standard. Future proofed low carbon housing will be a key aspect to achieving future Net Zero goals, and so the spotlight must be on the coming years.

Read more here: Ready for Zero - Evidence to inform the 2025 Future Homes Standard -Task Group Report


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