Start About NIBE News [2021-10-22] We are building for the future  

We are building for the future


"One of our goals is to attract talented people."

A total of 40,000 brand-new square metres. NIBE is growing and building like never before. “It’s as if the focus on sustainability and health has increased during the pandemic – and we can make a real contribution to the climate transition,” says Klas Dahlberg, pleased with this development and responsible for NIBE Climate Solutions, which includes NIBE Energy Systems (NES).

Many of us are working from home nowadays. But here at the head office in Markaryd, new workplaces and meeting places are being planned like never before.

“What’s so positive is that, despite the pandemic, demand has remained and continues to be strong,” says Klas Dahlberg. We really have you and all our retailers to thank for this. You have continued to be active in the market and to deliver in these very difficult times. And you’ve done a fantastic job!"

Increased interest in the climate
It's only natural to invest in Markaryd – this is where the heart of the business lies. And the fact that it is happening right now is a result of the world situation.
“It’s as if the focus on sustainability and health has increased during the pandemic,” Klas continues. "There’s talk about climate change and the Paris agreement, and we actually have the solutions that will get us there. Sweden has been a pioneering country and now other countries are following suit. Boris Johnsson recently said that 600,000 heat pumps will be sold in England in 2028! What all this means is that we have a future together!"

Major investment in innovation
Our common goal for the NIBE Group is to achieve a turnover of SEK 40 billion by 2025.
"Broken down into the business area NIBE Climate
Solutions, this means that we are striving for a turnover of no less than SEK 25 billion by 2025.One of the goals of the initiative is to attract talented people. They are crucial for our investment in product development and production, as we want to remain at the forefront of technology.

A newly planned innovation centre with an associated 6,500 square metre office is the single largest investment made in Swedish kronor.
"This lays the foundation for keeping up with the development cycles, which are only getting faster and faster. We can then increase our lab and test rig capacity, as well as provide offices for more engineers. A new and larger marketing centre is planned for location next to the old one as training activities are increasing exponentially. Simultaneously, the Vetenskapens Hus House of Science is emerging as an important step in the work of connecting schools, businesses and society. In this, we have a unique collaboration with both the Nobel Prize Museum and the Technical Museum. As if this was not enough, new offices are being built for purchasing, IT, HR, quality/sustainability and marketing.

"With the targets we now have, we will also increase manufacturing capacity for heat pumps and stainless steel vessels by building two new factories.

Largest construction investment
Magnus Nilsson at NIBE is responsible for the extensive construction work that currently employs more than thirty people on the office construction site.

"The last major factory construction of a similar scope was carried out in 2007 and encompassed 24,000 m2.The new offices in stage 1 are around 2,500 m2 and in total all of the projects cover at least 40,000 square metres."

Sustainability and local commitment have always been important to NIBE.
“The offices are being built in what is called Miljöbyggnad Guld, the Swedish Green Building Council's highest, or "Gold", classification, and energy class A, which is the best energy consumption class according to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning,” Magnus Nilsson continues. Heating will be provided using products from NIBE’s own range, such as ground-source heating and solar panels. And as far as possible, we will use local contractors for the construction and installation work."

“The first new properties will be completed by the end of 2022, and we’re really looking forward to getting together with you here in our new, stylish and functional premises,” Klas Dahlberg concludes.