Start About NIBE News [2021-10-14] The Drive Towards Low Carbon: Join The Energy Revolution With NIBE Pro

The Drive Towards Low Carbon: Join The Energy Revolution With NIBE Pro

A blog by Neil Hope, Head of Installer Development at NIBE Energy Systems

As the UK faces rising gas prices and potential shortages this winter, customers are increasingly looking for alternative ways of heating their homes. Heat pumps are predicted to be the UK’s primary heating technology in the coming decades, with the Government aiming to roll out 600,000 units to households per year by 2028. This target, alongside plans to phase out fossil fuel heating systems in new homes from 2025, makes becoming a renewable heating expert seem (rightfully) the most attractive option for installers like you today.

At this year’s Installer Show, we saw tangible interest in green technologies from a wide range of heating and plumbing professionals. One of the key things I was asked while hosting our stall was how installers can gain the new skills and training they need to install low carbon technologies at an affordable cost. My answer was the same for all – through NIBE Pro, an old dog can learn new tricks at a fully-redeemable price.

What is NIBE Pro?

NIBE Pro is a streamlined, personalised installer training partnership scheme designed to guide heating and plumbing installers like you through the process of becoming an accredited MCS heat pump installer. You will not only receive a range of business, technical and online support, but will also have the opportunity to unlock benefits along the way through the programme’s reward scheme.

On another note of no less importance to having an industry recognised mark of quality, the training that you will receive will enable you to deliver a brand-new selection of innovative products and solutions to your customers as they make the transition towards a greener way of living. Against the backdrop of COP26 and increasing awareness of the realities of the climate crisis, including renewable energy products as part of your business offering will greatly diversify and strengthen your business.

Gain New Skills In Our 5-Day Training Course

One of the key elements of the NIBE Pro scheme is the 5-day installer training course in Chesterfield, which is targeted towards those with fundamental knowledge of heating. The course includes training on Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pump Installation and Commissioning, MCS Compliance and MIS 3005 Installation and Design. You will also be awarded a RQF Level 3 Award in Heat Pump Technology.

Currently, the introductory offer for this course is £1500 (plus VAT) – a cost which is fully redeemable through the NIBE Pro cashback voucher scheme, which you will receive access to as you progress through NIBE Pro.