Start About NIBE News [2021-06-30] Heating Homes the Smart Way: Combining Heat Pumps with Smart Accessories and Solar PV

Heating Homes the Smart Way: Combining Heat Pumps with Smart Accessories and Solar PV

UK Governments 10 Point Plan for Net Zero

We often talk about low carbon homes which deliver smaller environment footprints for consumers and smart homes which deliver improved controllability and comfort. But now we must bring the two together - offering households smart low carbon homes!

It is not just your clients that will reap the benefits of combining technologies, the environment and the wider economy will too. A multi-solution approach delivers greater carbon savings, lower energy bills and enhanced energy security – three things that are important on the road to net zero. It is not enough to simply install a new heating system, you will need to understand what accessories complement it, how it interacts with the wider energy system and which combinations are most suitable for your clients.

What Are the Benefits of Combining Solar PV with Heat Pumps?

Great progress has been made towards decarbonising the National Grid, with renewable generation meeting over 40% of the UKs total electricity generation in 2020. However, there is still some way to go. Combining PV with a heat pump means that consumers can power their heating system using free energy from the sun, thus reducing their carbon footprint. Solar PV can help to cover the electricity consumption of heat pumps, removing any worries the household may have around rising electricity prices. Better yet, they can also earn a revenue through the Smart Export Guarantee for supplying a surplus portion of electricity back to the National Grid. Solar-powered NIBE heat pumps also offer greater control over household energy consumption via the NIBE Uplink technology, automatically adjusting the indoor climate for optimal comfort.

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Accessories?

In a busy world where time waits for no-one, people are looking for smart ways to make life simpler. Advancements in technology mean that we can now help people to save time, energy and money through the use of smart home accessories that deliver comfort through connectivity. These can be easily mounted onto the wall and connected in a mesh network arrangement, communicating with each other and a heat pump to create a simpler but more advanced home. Automatically adjusting the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels for high comfort and low energy consumption, the smart technology becomes a natural part of the connected home.

Want to make sure that you can offer a holistic solution?

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