Heat Pumps: The Future of Heating

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As a heating installer, the ongoing advancement of technology means that it has never been more important to stay ahead of the curve, particularly as we edge away from gas boilers and move towards low carbon alternatives like heat pumps. Your understanding of all the benefits a heat pump system can offer will be critical to providing your customers with what they’re looking for in the years ahead.

Becoming a trained heating installer is also a key step for future proofing your career in the industry, and it is a journey you can complete at no long-term expense through NIBE Pro. Looking for a better understanding of the technology before you sign up to find more?

Here’s an insight into what you could be installing as a NIBE Pro: the NIBE S Series

The Future of Heat Pump Technology

The NIBE S Series doesn’t just look sophisticated. Its touchscreen control invites users to swipe though its interface and its integrated wireless connectivity means it can be controlled at any time, from anywhere. The connected online system allows the user to adjust the temperature to their daily needs, making it easy to minimise energy consumption without compromising on comfort.

Updated Software at the Click of a Button

NIBE knows that change is inevitable and is always working to optimise operations and maximise energy savings. When it’s time to update a heat pump’s software, we simply send a notification to the consumer via their heat pump’s touchscreen so they can authorise the update at the click of a button.

Proactive Weather Forecast Control

Weather control allows the NIBE S Series heat pumps to adapt to the weather forecast, which is particularly beneficial when the weather changes rapidly. The smart heat pump is more proactive, effectively managing the temperature change according to a predicted change in weather.

myUplink: the key to connectivity

Households can easily control their heat pump from their smart phone using the NIBE myUplink app. Developed with simplicity and clarity in mind, everything needed to adjust the heat pump’s settings and access operational data can be easily found, allowing for easy monitoring and control of heating and hot water production.

Smart Price Adaption, software updates, monitoring, alarm and weather forecasting control are included as standard, with additional benefits such as voice activation configuration available with a premium subscription.

The myUplink PRO app also benefits NIBE Pro installers by offering a range of functions including live and historical data on key information such as system temperatures, flow rates, pump and compressor speeds, along with remote access to installer settings, all designed to help commission, monitor and diagnose NIBE heat pumps, offering smart solutions to reduce the need for site visits.