Start About NIBE News [2019-12-13] UK Election briefing  implications for the energy policy

UK Election briefing 
implications for the energy policy


It has been an interesting results night with the biggest Conservative majority announced this morning since the 1980s. Looking back through the Manifesto and the work on decarbonisation policy already
undertaken, NIBE are keen to work with the new Government to ensure that there is a strong decarbonisation of heat policy implemented next year. It is one of the biggest challenges if we are to meet the net zero target and will require investment and supportive policy to tackle.

The Manifesto pledges to improve the energy efficiency of 2.2m homes and the Party is committed to rolling out technologies like heat pumps. It looks like 2020 will be a busy year for policy development, with the need to build a supportive framework and develop a clear roadmap to support industry and households in switching to low carbon heating.

The COP being held here next year and there is building momentum across the globe to make substantial progress in cutting emissions, we look forward to contributing to the debate and collaborating with partners to ensure that 2020 delivers on our climate change ambitions.

Read the Analysis by energy policy experts Ecuity Consulting LLP Pdf, 1.6 MB.