NIBE is pleased to welcome the announcement that the UK Government will seek to legislate a net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The recommendation was first put forward by the Committee on Climate Change and should see the UK make significant advances towards a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

NIBE is committed to tackling housing emissions at the earliest opportunity by ensuring that homes are heated by low-carbon, energy efficient technology. With 40% of our emissions coming from buildings in the UK, transitioning away from fossil fuel to low carbon alternatives will play a vital role in meeting net zero targets.

Heat Pumps have already received rightful recognition from the Committee on Climate Change for offering the most potential carbon savings with a lifetime reduction of regulated carbon emissions greater than 90%. The technology will no doubt be key to decarbonising heat in the UK.

Phil Hurley, Managing Director of NIBE commented:

“We are incredibly pleased to see that the Government has committed to net zero carbon targets by 2050. Heat Pump technology provides a substantial opportunity for heating homes more efficiently and they will play a vital role in the achievements of this target. We now look forward to the implementation of detailed policies and regulation to drive ambitions forward and enable the low carbon transition.”