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Sweaty duels – perfect indoor climate

Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket

Like tennis, but easier – a bit like squash, but gentler. The most rapidly growing sport in Sweden, paddle ball, is gaining in popularity. Paddle halls are sprouting like mushrooms, including in Kristianstad, which has been blessed with six new indoor courts. With the perfect climate and the highest energy efficiency. Thanks to air/water heat pumps from NIBE, arena builder Patrik Svensson tells us.

”When we were planning our new hall, there was never any question about what heat source we would invest in. We had district heating right outside the door, but because I have previously built air/water heat pumps into many halls, the choice was simple. Three heat pumps create an even, pleasant temperature, at a very low price,” says Patrik Svensson, part-owner who, in May, was able to inaugurate the new hall with co-owners Peter Karlsson and Christian Lundin.

Patrik’s everyday job is to run the construction company Skånska Stålhallar. For 15 years he has collaborated with NIBE Energy Systems to create sustainable, efficient energy solutions. Almost always based on air/water heat pumps. ”Regardless of whether we are building workshops, industrial halls or warehouses, air/water works perfectly for us. To put in one kilowatt and get out closer to five makes for simple maths,” says Patrik with a chuckle.

Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket

A whole lot of air and 24 eager players

19 to 20 degrees. Constantly. In a steel hall that is 24 by 72 metres at its base and close to ten metres to the ceiling. Add to that six courts with 24 energy-generating paddle ball enthusiasts and you start to understand why the heating and ventilation must play along. ”We keep a constant temperature of 19 to 20 degrees to keep things comfortable on the courts, even when the duels get heated.

With ceiling aerotempers, we push down the waterborne heat and in the changing, staff and conference rooms, we heat using under floor heating. Naturally, we recycle exhaust air with the highly effi Sweaty duels – perfect indoor climate cient FTX unit, so we are very pleased with our heating and ventilation,” says Patrik.

A super efficient whole

Considering there are no windows to speak of in the paddle hall and that it is built of the most modern steel construction with sandwich panels containing mineral wool, the hall has an excellent U-value. The three NIBE air/water heat pumps are intelligently docked together to provide the hall with more than enough heat.

”I chose air/water in a number of hall constructions in the last 15 years, and I’m very happy. I’ve never had any problems but have had low operational costs. It is a bit more expensive than installing district heating, to give an example, but the investment quickly pays for itself. In addition, I have always worked well with NIBE and their salesman Fredrik Snygg, who is very attentive to me as his customer. Now that I’m in the planning phase for a new paddle hall, I know exactly what I’ll do for heating and ventilation,” Patrik Svensson, part-owner of the new paddle hall in Kristianstad, concludes.


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