Sustainability is in our nature

Heat pumps for an energy-efficient everyday life and a better world

Heat in your own way - for a simple and sustainable everyday life

Smart home with NIBE S-serien

Our new heat pumps fit all houses, are easy to change, always have the latest software and adjust the heat according to your habits and the weather forecast. In addition, you can have full control of the heat pump via your mobile. All so that you can get cheaper, greener and nicer heat, both now and in the future.

Heat pumps for 40 years

Our many years of experience and thousands of hours of development are reflected, not only in modern and energy-efficient heat pumps, but also in our wide product range. The products are designed for you and your home. Regardless of the type of house you live in or what your energy needs are, we provide you with a pleasant indoor climate.

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World-class products

How can we at NIBE be sure of achieving the high quality for which we are known? An advantage for us is that we have all functions gathered here at the head office in Markaryd, with our own factories. Another is our passion for details and a balance between innovation and classic craftsmanship.

air/water heat pump NIBE S2125

Comfort and efficiency all year round

The new NIBE S2125 air/water heat pump works quietly and energy efficiently all year round - regardless of the weather.

smart accessories

Accessories for an even smarter home

Get a connected and smart home with NIBE! Control your indoor climate wherever you are.

SPLIT SVM S332 / AMS 20 Ait water heat pump


Combine NIBE SVM S332 with NIBE AMS 20 for a complete climate system with a simple installation.

Solar panel house

Run your heat pump with solar cells

How heat pump works

How heat pump works (video)

Pleasant indoor climate with NIBE heat pump

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