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NIBE S2125

Air/Water heat pump

The new air/water heat pump is powerful, compact and quiet 

NIBE S2125-8/12 is the most powerful air/water heat pump from NIBE to date. With high supply temperature,
low noise level and all the smart functions that the new connected platform means give it comfort and energy efficiency all year round.
In combination with an indoor module from the S series, it provides all the advantages that the new digital technology platform provides.

The best air/water heat pump we have ever made

NIBE S2125 is the result of our persistence that always makes our products the best they can be. So that we constantly have to think in new ways, use our knowledge of the harsh climate and test our ideas. Until we have developed the best solutions that keep what we promise.

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NIBE S2125 is an intelligent inverter controlled air / water heat pump. With NIBE indoor modules, it forms a highly efficient climate system for your home. The heat pump operates with a natural refrigerant for a sustainable impact on the climate and the environment. It provides optimized savings because it automatically adapts to the home's power needs.

NIBE S2125 has an optimised annual heating factor, which provides a low operating cost and hot water with high performance. The working area provides a single-flow temperature of up to 75 °C. At an outdoor temperature of down to -25 °C, up to 65 °C is still delivered, while the sound level is low.

Together with the NIBE S-series indoor module with built-in wifi connection and the possibility of wireless accessories, it becomes a natural part of your connected home. The smart technology automatically adjusts the indoor climate and gives you complete control of the system from your smartphone or tablet. High comfort and low energy consumption - at the same time as you do nature a favour.


Optimized seasonal performance factor, low operating costs and high-performance hot water, using a natural refrigerant for a low environmental impact.


Operating range up to 75°C supply temperature and 65°C at –25 °C outdoor temperature.


New design for low noise level.

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NIBE S2125-8 (1x230V)
NIBE S2125-8 (3x400V)
NIBE S2125 12 (1x230V)
NIBE S2125-12 (3x400V)

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Product efficiency class room heating, 35 °C


Product efficiency class room heating, 55 °C


System efficiency class room heating, 55 °C


System efficiency class room heating, 35 °C


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Installer manual (IHB)
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Product leaflet (PBD)
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