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Air/Water heat pumps

Free, renewable energy with an air source heat pump from NIBE

Warm your home with the free outdoor air

With a NIBE air/water heat pump, you keep your home warm during the cold months of the year and cool during the summer. By converting the energy from the outdoor air, you lower your energy costs in an environmentally friendly way, while creating a pleasant indoor climate.

The best air/water heat pump we have ever made

NIBE S2125 is the result of our persistence that always makes our products the best they can be. So that we constantly have to think in new ways, use our knowledge of the harsh climate and test our ideas. Until we have developed the best solutions that keep what we promise.

Advantages of choosing a heat pump from us


Our heat pumps use the power of nature to provide a low environmental impact. They are designed to give you an energy-efficient everyday life for many years to come. With the S series, you can reduce energy consumption even more, without sacrificing comfort. All so that you can get cheaper, greener and nicer heat.


Having NIBE as a supplier means great security. We are a Swedish company that has manufactured sustainable climate solutions for almost 70 years. This means products that are adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate.


We have knowledgeable NIBE partners and installers in different EU countries who can help you make a quick and smooth heat pump change, regardless of the previous make. Do you want to know more and get in touch with a partner in your country. Our experts answer your questions and help you further.