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Harness solar energy with solar panels from NIBE

Maximize the effect of solar cells with our system solution

With solar cells and a heat pump from NIBE, you can create a pleasant indoor climate, have an energy-efficient everyday life and at the same time do the environment a favor. The solar cells can then often generate as much energy during the year as the heat pump needs for the entire house's heating and hot water needs. Smart technology also allows the heat sources to talk to each other to balance your energy use - without reducing comfort.

Advantages of NIBE PV

Advantages of NIBE PV

  • A complete solar cell package with system solution
  • Can generate as much energy as is needed to drive the heat pump
  • Optimized energy use with a heat pump connected to myUplink/NIBE Uplink
  • Calculate your investment in about 10 YEARS
  • 25 year effect guarantee
  • Check the solar energy production via the myUplink app
  • Easy care - no cleaning required
  • A future-proof investment

Advantages of choosing a solar package from us


When you combine our solar panels with our new intelligent, connected heat pump, you have a future-proof investment. Then the two energy sources can communicate with each other to lower energy consumption without reducing comfort, the heat pump is always up to date and you can control and monitor it from your mobile.


Having NIBE as a supplier means great security. We are a Swedish company that has manufactured sustainable climate solutions for almost 70 years. From us you get a 3-year warranty on the entire solar package.


We have knowledgeable NIBE installers who can sketch and calculate a solar cell solution for your house. Do you want to know more and quickly get in touch with an installer near you, so you can book an appointment for a home visit and get a quote? Our experts answer questions and help you further.

Jessica and Olof have installed solar cells from NIBE and supply the entire house with sustainable energy.
The magic moment came when the system was turned on and I realized that the electricity meter stayed at zero and the sun even in the evening was supplying the whole house including the heated pool.

Common questions and answers about solar cells

Is my house suitable for solar cells?

Slightly simplified, you can say that all properties that have a suitable roof surface in an east/south/west position are suitable for solar cells. Our solar cell packages are suitable for villas and buildings with brick roofs, tin roofs, folded tin roofs and cardboard roofs. The solar panels are mounted on the roof using roof brackets and aluminum rails included in our basic package.


The amount of kWh that can be produced with solar energy depends on geographical location, the number of solar panels, roof pitch and direction of the wind. The effect can also be affected by shading from trees, flagpoles, TV aerials, etc.

How much electricity do solar cells produce?

See the map of Sweden as example to figure out how many kilowatt-hours your prospective solar plant can produce or contact our experts and they will help you.


The figure shows solar radiation as a percentage of the global radiation against some different oriented and inclined surfaces. The map shows lines with the same global irradiance, i.e. the solar irradiance measured against horizontal surfaces. When the solar panels are placed against a horizontal surface, they provide 100% solar radiation. The angle of inclined surfaces is 45°.

Work out the annual insolation using the map. Depending on the location of the solar panel as shown in the figure, plant-specific solar radiation is obtained as a percentage.

Multiply the result by the plant's peak power (eg 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20)

Multiply result 2 by a constant 0.9 to calculate the energy production in kWh/year (allowing for shading, soiling and snow cover).


Stockholm, 8 kW, 45°, mounting south (112%)

1000 x (112/100) x 8 x 0.9 = 8064 kWh/year

How does NIBE solar cells solution and heat pump work?

NIBE's system solution with solar cells and heat pump gives you a high return on your energy system.

Having NIBE as a supplier means great security. You get a solar cell system and a heat pump of high quality and with long warranty periods. A big advantage is that our solar panels can communicate with our intelligent heat pumps and create a future-proof system solution where the heat pump adapts its way of working depending on how and when solar energy is produced.

The system solution means that the inverter's information is displayed in the heat pump. In a battery-like way, the part that becomes surplus is reduced or increased and sent on to the electricity grid for use in the neighborhood.

solar cells system solution

NIBE solar panels are completely black and consist of efficient monocrystalline silicon panels of PERC half-cell technology with an output of 400 Wp.

Can solar cells power a heat pump?

Together with a heat pump, you get a high dividend on your solar package on an annual basis. Many times the energy consumption of the heat pump is halved or even neutralized when you supplement with solar cells. Here are two examples:

Newly built house

A newly built house of approx. 200 m2 with the exhaust air heat pump NIBE F730 and a solar cell package of 8 kW.

The heat pump's annual electricity consumption of approx. 8000 kWh is reduced by approx. 8000 kWh with the solar cell package, which, taken together, completely neutralizes the heat pump's consumption.

Older house

An older house with an energy consumption for heat and hot water of approx. 30,000 kWh.

After installation of the ground source heat pump NIBE S1255 and an 8 kW solar cell package, the combined consumption is neutralized.

NIBE solceller

Solar cells + intelligent heat pump

Hur fungerar solceller?

That's how Mats transformed the 70s villa into a zero-energy house