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Keep track of your NIBE heat pump via your smart phone or tablet.


The key to your smart home

Complete your smart home with myUplink

At the same time as we launch our new, smart S-series, the newly developed app myUplink is released, which is the key to your smart home and the connected future. Simplicity and clarity have been guiding principles in the development of myUplink. Compatible with all S-series products, it is quick and easy to find what you need on the product’s new display.


With myUplink, you get a quick overview of your heat pump’s status and the level of heating in your home. This allows you to easily follow and control your heating and hot water production. If your system is affected, you’ll be notified with a push and email.

  • An efficient tool that quickly and easily gives you control over your heat pump, no matter where you are.
  • Clear, easy-to-use heating and hot water temperature monitoring and control system for maximum comfort.
  • Weather forecast compensation.

Monitoring and Control

With a heat pump in the S-Series range and a myUplink account you can easily control your heating, hot water, and ventilation system. You will get a quick overview of the heat pump’s status and the heating in your home.

Weather Forecast

With weather forecast control, you can allow your heat pump to adapt
according to the weather forecast, which is particularly good in the event of rapid changes in the weather. Your intelligent heat pump and myUplink is proactive and knows when a change in the weather is coming, managing shifts in temperature even more effectively.

Historical Data and Voice Control

Gain access to historical data and a number of intelligent services, such as voice control and IFTTT*, allowing you to connect several smart products to each other. If you want to control your heat pump remotely, your installer can help you get started with the myUplink app.

Control your NIBE heat pump with voice assistant

Voice assistant

Voice assistants are a natural part of the smart home; they allow us to play music, get the latest news, put on coffee and more - just by using our voice. Suddenly, you don't even need a push of a button to hear your favorite song or find out if you're going to take your umbrella with you on your way out the door.

In the NIBE S-series, you can control your indoor climate in the same way as other voice-controlled functions in your voice assistant, thereby gaining full control over how hot or cold you want your indoor environment. You can easily add your heat pump through the voice assistant configuration together with myUplink's premium "Change" function. Then you're up and running and can talk indoor climate with your voice assistant.

Please try myUplink in demo mode and explore the possibilities.

Demo version of myUplink

Password: Demo1234

Create a myuplink account here

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myUplink PRO

The myUplink PRO application benefits our wide network of professional users, offering a range of functions to help commission, monitor and diagnose heat pumps with ease. Access to all menus, including installer settings, reduces the need for installers to visit sites and instead offers smart solutions.

  • Direct connection function whilst on site to commission and adjust service settings via a smart device.
  • Full access to installer settings remotely.
  • Monitoring of multiple systems.
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Smart accessories

A heat pump in the S series is intelligent right from the start. But for those who want to make the heat pump a bigger part of your smart and energy-efficient home, there are several wireless accessories that provide extra comfort in everyday life.

NIBE heatpumps - myUplink


Through the new, smart, Scandinavian-designed interface, you can retrieve real-time data from your heat pump and monitor your installation on your smartphone or tablet. Smart Price Adaption, software updates, monitoring, alarm and weather forecasting control are included as standard.

You will also have access to the IFTTT service and voice assistants.

NIBE heatpumps - myUplink

Premium and myUplink pro

With a premium subscription, you control and adjust settings easily on your smart heat pump no matter where you are.

The myUplink PRO application benefits our wide network of professional users, offering a range of functions to help commission, monitor and diagnose heat pumps with ease.

NIBE heatpumps - myUplink

Weather Control

With weather control, you can let your heat pump adapt to the weather forecast, which is especially good for rapid weather changes. The smart heat pump is proactive and knows when there will be a change in weather, effectively handling weather changes