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NIBE S-series

Say hello to the S-Series

When it’s time for a new heat pump, choose real comfort. With the S-Series at the heart of your home, you get a pleasant indoor climate all year round, sustainable energy consumption and complete control from your smartphone. You can rest assured that you always have heat in the winter, hot water in the tap, cooling in the summer if you want it, and a house that feels good.

An S-series heat pump has a lot of smart functions. It can collect data about the weather forecast and electricity price, to provide an even more consistent and comfortable indoor climate and reduce electricity costs even more. You can also adjust the temperature according to your daily habits and thereby influence comfort and energy consumption.

En enklare vardag

Making everyday life simpler

An energy-efficient heat pump in the S series adapts itself to the conditions in your house and your needs. This makes it suitable for all houses, and easy to switch to. With the myUplink app, it becomes part of your smart home and makes your everyday life easier. Voice control with Google Home is just one example. You can also rest assured that the heat pump will let you know if anything happens. Its stylish design blends in with your home.

Ett energisnålt hem

An energy-efficient home

With the intelligent technology in the S series, you can keep track of your energy consumption and heat pump wherever you are. When it’s connected and has the Smart Price Adaption* feature, it works hardest when the electricity price is lowest. By allowing you to keep an overview and control hot water and indoor climate, it helps you save energy – while at the same time you're doing nature a favour.

*Requires an hourly rate agreement with your electricity company.

En trygg investering

A safe investment

We are a Swedish company that has been manufacturing sustainable climate solutions for over 70 years. The S series contains our most advanced products to date, and is the result of Swedish engineering skill.
This means products that can cope with the tough Nordic climate and tomorrow’s challenges in technology and innovative design. With a peace of mind package, we guarantee you long and worry-free ownership.

Wifi connection

Using the Internet and the myUplink app, you get a quick status overview of the heat pump and the heating in your home. This makes it easy to monitor and control heating and hot water production. If the system is affected by operational disruptions, you will be notified quickly via push notification and email. You can also use our smart services and receive ongoing software updates. The WiFi connection also enables you to connect the heat pump to your already smart home.

Weather forecast control

Through connection to myUplink, S-series heat pumps can obtain data on the weather forecast in advance, adapt energy production accordingly and ensure that you have a pleasant indoor climate.
This is particularly useful in the event of rapid changes in weather, as it can handle temperature fluctuations even more effectively. This results in more consistent heating and more efficient operation than if you raise and lower the temperature yourself.

Smart Price Adaption (SPA)

Your heat pump gets information about the electricity prices for the coming 24-hour period and then plans its operation based on the price and your expected heating and hot water needs. It then works hardest when the electricity costs are lowest. This allows you to reduce your variable electricity cost by 5–10%. To do this, you need to connect the heat pump to myUplink and have a variable electricity contract per hour.

Voice control

"Hey Google! Lower the temperature in the bedroom.” That’s how you might talk to your intelligent heat pump, which supports voice control via Google Home, for example.


With myUplink, the heat pump can automatically receive software updates so that it always operates at its best and has the latest functions. You'll receive a message on the heat pump’s display and a push notification on your mobile, and all you need to do is approve the update.

Smart accessories

For the S-series, there's a range of wireless accessories that can provide extra comfort and lower energy consumption. With the sensors placed around the home, the heat pump receives signals to automatically adjust temperature, humidity and CO2 content, floor by floor and room by room.

  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air/water heat pumps
  • Exhaust air heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps


NIBE S1256 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with integrated water heater and a new, more climate-friendly refrigerant.


Ground source heat pumps


The NIBE S1156 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with a new, more climate-friendly refrigerant and without an integrated water heater.


Air/water heat pumps


NIBE S2125 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled air/water pump. With NIBE indoor modules, it forms a very efficient climate system for your home. NIBE S2125 provides optimised savings as it automatically adapts to your home’s output requirements all year around.


Air/water heat pumps


The NIBE SMO S40 gives optimised control of the climate system and is designed to be combined with NIBE air/water heat pumps to provide an integrated climate system for homes and properties. The NIBE SMO S40 offers maximum flexibility when it comes to system solutions. The control module can be connected to components such as a water heater, additional heat sources and other accessories specific to a customised installation. Up to eight NIBE air/water heat pumps can be connected to a control system.


Air/water heat pumps

VVM S320

The NIBE VVM S320 is designed for combination with any NIBE air/water heat pump to create a highly efficient climate system for your home. The NIBE VVM S320 has a smart, user-friendly control system which provides efficient heating/cooling and hot water with high performance. The NIBE VVM S320 is ready for installation since the water heater, electric additional heat, self-regulating circulation pump, filling valve, manometer, safety valve and expansion vessel are included. With integrated wifi, the S Series is a natural part of your connected home.


Exhaust air heat pumps


The NIBE S735 is an intelligent inverter-controlled exhaust air heat pump with an integrated hot water heater, providing heating, hot water and ventilation efficiently and economically. It provides large savings as it automatically adapts to your home’s heating needs.


NIBE smarta värmepump, S-serie

Power your heat pump with solar cells

A system solution with a heat pump and solar cells from us enables you to create a comfortable indoor climate, achieve an energy-efficient everyday life and at the same time do the environment a favor. The solar cells can often generate as much energy during the year as the heat pump needs in order to meet the entire heating and hot water requirements of the house. Smart technology also allows the heat sources to talk to each other to balance your energy consumption – without reducing comfort.

NIBE värmepumpar för ett behagligt inomhusklimat

Cooling accessories

With our accessories, an S-series heat pump can produce cooling. The most affordable is so-called passive cooling, from ground-source heating. It enables the heat pump to pump up almost free cooling from the bedrock and distribute it through the house via fan convectors. If you have geothermal heating, the cooling will not last as long. The heat pump can then produce cooling using the compressor, so-called active cooling. An air/water heat pump can also produce active cooling.

Get to know NIBE

Having NIBE as a supplier means great security. We are a Swedish company that has manufactured sustainable climate solutions for almost 70 years. This means products that are adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate.

Find your local NIBE partner

We have knowledgeable NIBE partners and installers in different EU countries who can help you make a quick and smooth heat pump change, regardless of the previous make. Do you want to know more and get in touch with a partner in your country. Our experts answer your questions and help you further.