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Keep track of your NIBE heat pump via your smart phone or tablet.

Smart home accessories

Wireless accessories that help you use the full potential of the S series.

With wireless accessories, 

the indoor climate is controlled room by room

Accessories for an even smarter home

You who have a connected NIBE heat pump can already control and monitor your indoor climate and energy consumption easily via myUplink. With the wireless sensors, the heat pump can do this automatically – floor by floor and room by room – completely according to your needs.

  • Helps you achieve a pleasant indoor climate.
  • Enables adjustment of temperature, humidity and CO2 content for higher comfort and lower energy consumption.
  • Part of your smart, energy-efficient home in combination with a heat pump/indoor module in the NIBE S series.

Remotely control and monitor your heat pump

NIBE RMU S40 is a wireless/wired* room unit with a 2.8" touchscreen and built-in temperature and humidity sensor. You use it to remotely control and monitor your NIBE S series heat pump, as a complement to the myUplink app on your smartphone or tablet. The room unit is easy to place and easy to use with an intuitive interface. It also strengthens the signal between your smart home products if they are located far apart.

*Requires external power supply, micro USB, which is purchased separately.


Access to the heat pump

From a 2.8" display with touchscreen, you can control and monitor the heat pump from a different room than where the heat pump is located. The unit has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor and also functions as a repeater, i.e. amplifies the signal between several smart home products.
Room unit NIBE RMU S40

SRV 10 wireless radiator thermostat

Control the heat room by room

With a wireless radiator thermostat, it is easy for you to adjust the heat and energy consumption according to individual needs, room by room.
The wireless radiator thermostat SRV 10

THS 10 wireless temperature and humidity sensor

Check the heat and humidity

With a wireless temperature and humidity sensor, you can control and monitor the temperature and humidity in a room or climate zone via myUplink.
Wireless temperature and humidity sensor THS 10

RPP 10 repeate

Remote-controlled repeater with energy meter

In addition to amplifying the signal between the smart home products, you can use the repeater to schedule the on and off function of the switch and measure energy consumption.
Repeater RPP 10

CDS 10 wireless CO2, temperature and humidity sensor

Improve air quality

With a wireless carbon dioxide sensor, the carbon dioxide content is automatically adjusted if the heat pump has an associated ventilation system. All so that you get a good and even air quality, for example in the bedroom.
Temperature and humidity sensor CDS 10

ROT 10 wireless room thermostat and moisture meter

Read and adjust the heat

With a wireless room thermostat, it is easy to read and control the temperature, directly from the display or via the myUplink app in your smartphone. Battery powered, rechargeable and easy to place on the road.
Wireless room thermostat ROT 10

my uplink smart home app

myUplink – the key to your smart home

The myUplink app is developed for the NIBE S series and is included free of charge. By downloading it and registering, you can monitor the heat pump from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

With an S-series heat pump, myUplink and smart accessories, you can adapt the indoor climate to your needs, optimize operation, lower your energy costs and reduce your climate footprint - even more and even easier. You get full control of the heat pump via your mobile and can use weather forecast control for more even heat and Smart Price Adaptation (SPA) to lower your electricity costs more.

Use your NIBE heat pump more when prices are low

Use your heat pump more when prices are low

With an electricity meter and a NIBE Electricity Contract that tracks prices on the power market on an hourly basis, you can reduce your energy bills even further. With a variable hourly electricity contract, your heat pump will receive information on the electricity prices for the next 24 hours a day in advance from the power market. Your heat pump will then plan its operations according to the hourly rate and how much heating and hot water your household is likely to need. With the Smart Price Adaption function, your heat pump works more intensively when the electricity price is at its lowest, and eases off when the electricity price is at its highest. You pay less for your electricity and you could reduce the variable electricity charge on your electricity bill by 5-10%.

Common questions 

Which heat pumps can be connected to myUplink?

All heat pumps in the NIBE S series are compatible with myUplink. The myUplink app is developed for the NIBE S series and is included free of charge.

How do I connect my S-series heat pump to myUplink?

In connection with the installation, you can get help connecting the heat pump to myUplink so you can feel secure that the heat pump will notify you if something happens.

You can also do it yourself:

  1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Download the myUplink app at, open the app, search for your heat pump and pair it.

PS. Take the opportunity to sign up for a Premium subscription so you can control heat and hot water and heat and save more energy.

How do I get started with the smart accessories?

Start by connecting them to the heat pump.

  1. Make sure the latest software update is done
  2. Keep the accessory near the heat pump. In the main menu, go to Connection, menu 5. There, select wireless devices menu 5.4.
  3. Click on add device and wait for them to connect.

Then place the accessory on a wall about 1.20 cm up from the floor, not in direct sunlight. Except for the Repeater RPP 10, which must be plugged into a wall socket, of course.

All accessories work without myUplink. But if you want to be able to monitor the indoor climate from your mobile phone, you need to connect the heat pump to myUplink. And if you want to be able to control it, you need a myUplink Premium subscription.

How long can it take before my device is paired?

It may take up to 5 minutes before the device is connected to the system. NOTE When installing the wireless devices, they are required to be close to the main product in order to connect.

My device cannot be reached on the network. What should I do?

If possible, reduce the distance between the accessory and the main product. If the communication between the main product and the accessory is weak, you may need to install a repeater RPP10.

Walls and certain surfaces can absorb the wireless signal. If possible, place the accessory in the same room as the main product (to test the connection).


  • Thick stone or concrete wall with metal construction -> High disturbance.
  • Roofs with metal frames -> High interference.
  • Brick wall -> Medium disturbance.
  • Walls or doors made of plasterboard, glass or wood -> Low interference.

It is best if the accessory is not:

  • Behind a TV.
  • Near an aquarium.
  • Placed in or under a metal object.
  • Placed in closed furniture.
  • Near a large amount of wires and cords.
  • Close to other wireless devices (Laptops, tablets, cordless phones, wireless printers, speakers, IP cameras, other smart devices, microwaves, etc.).

If you have any of these devices at home, temporarily turn them off and check your connection (which may take up to 15 minutes).

If things improve, try increasing the distance between your myUplink products and the main unit.

What happens if my RPP 10 loses contact with the main product?

If the RPP 10 loses contact with the main product, the RPP 10 will try to reconnect for 60 minutes, if the reconnect fails, the power supply to the output power outlet in the RPP 10 will be cut off. Therefore, do not connect equipment that is sensitive to power outages.

How long do the batteries in my devices last?

The batteries last about 18 months, keep in mind that the lifespan can be affected by the quality of the batteries, longer distances between the unit and the heat pump/repeater can affect the battery life.

What happens if the battery runs out?

You first receive a warning/notice that the battery level is low on your device, if you do not take action the device disappears and you receive a new warning/notice that the device is lost.

What is the maximum load on the RPP10?

At most you can connect 2990W/13A to RPP 10.

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