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Royal Winchester House

Royal Winchester House

Comer Homes is renowned for the high quality of its residential and commercial developments, which span London, Hertfordshire, Dorset and throughout the South East. Its latest project is Royal Winchester House, a landmark building of one and two bedroom apartments at the heart of Bracknell's new town centre. As a planning requirement of Bracknell Forest Council, Comer Homes was required to provide a sustainable, low energy form of heating that would offer a reduced carbon footprint, as well as being affordable to run.

The Solution

Comer Homes specified F730 Exhaust Air Heat Pump systems from NIBE for all 337 apartments on the development to ensure they could meet their renewable targets. The new homes builder employed MKP Consultants Limited to undertake the building services design as they had previous experience of NIBE systems on other apartment developments in the area.

The NIBE F730 Exhaust Air Heat Pump system was an ideal solution, as it offers mechanical extract ventilation, alongside heating and hot water in a compact design. The heat pump units were installed in a service cupboard in each apartment, as they have a small footprint of only 0.6m2.

NIBE F730 operates by recovering energy from the ventilation air and, if desired, extracted from outdoor air, the heat energy is absorbed by the heat pump using a vapour compression process and subsequently transferred to the water-borne heating system, in this case an underfloor heating system. The integrated 180L domestic hot water cylinder also ensures a plentiful supply for the one- and two-bedroom properties.

A sustainable solution, NIBE F730 keeps energy consumption to a minimum. The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort for the occupant, using a combination of weather compensated control and the low energy inverter driven compressor.

Each apartment is also fitted with a NIBE RMU 40 room controller, to allow greater flexibility of control for users and if required can be easily connected to NIBE’s internet remotely monitoring and control platform UPLINK™.

Thanks to this innovative heat pump system, residents at Royal Winchester House are set to benefit from lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Results

The NIBE F730 system complies with Parts L, F and G of the building regulations, and helps to meet planning requirements designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints within residential housing developments. External noise is kept to a minimum and building aesthetics are unaffected by the need for external plant.


Head of Projects at Comer Homes, Jack O’Brien explains: “We were looking for a heating and ventilation system that would be both sustainable and affordable to run. We have been impressed with the performance of NIBE’s heat pumps, with their high efficiency, low noise and low running costs further enhancing the sustainability of the whole development.”

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About Royal Winchester House

Royal Winchester House is a landmark building of high specification 1 and 2 bedroom apartments available to rent. The unique design and architecture of Royal Winchester House creates a striking and impressive presence from the ground floor retail spaces up to the luxury penthouse levels.

Royal Winchester House has been built for the private rental market and the development is being managed by Chancellors estate agency. The apartments benefit from high standards of insulation and air tightness. In addition to the NIBE heat pumps, the whole development has been fitted with a biodigester for the repurposing of food waste, as part of reducing waste sent to landfill and to add to its sustainability.

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