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Heat Pump Installer Company MD tells us the advantages of NIBE Pro : Become one today

Emma Bohan

Emma Bohan, IMS Heat Pumps

Emma Bohan is a familiar face here at NIBE and has been eager to share the incredible support received from NIBE’s dedicated training and technical team.

As the Managing Director of IMS Heat Pumps, a family run business installing hundreds of NIBE heat pumps across 37 years of experience, Emma cannot recommend NIBE Pro enough to her team of hardworking, dedicated installers.

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5 stars

Training Journey

Whilst not a NIBE Pro herself, many of Emma’s installers are trained through the NIBE Pro Training Partnership Scheme. As a result, installers at IMS Heat Pumps are fully conversed on NIBE’s products, obtaining essential knowledge on the equipment and controls when undertaking NIBE Pro Training Courses.

With the additional product training included in the NIBE Pro package, Emma's installers can effectively explain the technology to their customers. NIBE’s course has also ensured that IMS installers can be confident in fault fixing, servicing and maintenance of our products.

Key Benefits

Emma’s position at IMS Heat Pumps means that she is always looking for new talent. Speaking to NIBE, Emma spoke about how applications to her company always stand out if an installer already has hands on experience with a heat pump, and the NIBE Pro Training Partnership Scheme provides just this with hands on product training. 

Emma also added that in-person training is key, and NIBE’s newly refurbished Training Academy provides a great place for prospective installers to have engaging discussions with others, interchanging knowledge and sharing skill sets. 


“We have worked with NIBE for many years, and their products have always been high quality, efficient and are at the cutting edge with excellent control systems. We find it essential that our installers undertake NIBE’s training courses and having that hands on experience with the very products you are going to be installing is crucial to provide efficient heat pump installations.

NIBE provides first class technical cover and assistance, and our Regional Manager Graham is exceptionally supportive and quick to respond. I am happy to recommend NIBE to anyone looking for a great and supportive company to work with.”


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