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How an MCS Accredited heat pump installer joined NIBE Pro 

Craig Brookes

Damon Blakemore, Blakemore Plumbing, Heating and Renewables

Damon Blakemore, the owner and lead engineer of Blakemore Plumbing, Heating and Renewables has been in the industry for over 16 years and was recently named Yorkshire and Humber Regional Heating Installer of the Year. Blakemore has an abundance of experience in the sector, with his installation company racking up hundreds of five-star reviews.

How would you rate your experience working with NIBE when undertaking the NIBE Pro courses?  

5 stars

Previous Training

NIBE Pro isn’t just reserved for those at the start of their heat pump installer journey. We’ve created 3 separate routes to take advantage of the scheme’s benefits, including if you’re already an MCS Certified installer.

Damon became aware of NIBE Pro through his Regional Sales Manager, and regularly works with NIBE products. Despite his long and extensive CV, Damon wanted to expand his expertise on NIBE’s systems, opting to join the scheme for our tailored and hands-on product training.  

The flexibility of NIBE Pro

The flexible NIBE Pro Partnership Scheme allowed Damon to join despite having previously completed the necessary heat pump qualifications to become an installer.

All for a much lower price, the route Damon took allowed him to gain hands-on experience learning about NIBE’s product range, and how to correctly size and specify the systems for maximum efficiency.

He also reaped the additional perks of being a NIBE Pro Installer, with a dedicated listing on NIBE’s website, access to a dedicated sales contact, and unlocking quality homeowner leads. All this came without Damon having to pay the full NIBE Pro price and unnecessarily repeating previously completed training.

The course also enabled Damon to travel further out of his comfort zone, recently completing a large 4-storey new build retrofit NIBE 16kW F2040 Air Source Heat Pump installation. With the help of NIBE’s support, Damon was able to connect the heat pump, underfloor heating and solar PV panels to a NIBE SMO S40 module. This expertise and technical knowhow meant Damon was able to create an efficient, comfortable smart home heating system. 

Key benefits

“Training with NIBE was an easy decision for Damon, who recognises the value of high-quality products and controls. Damon made clear to NIBE that heat pump training can be confusing and long-winded. However, his experience with NIBE Pro has been anything but - citing his simple and enjoyable journey.

Damon has been instrumental in recommending NIBE Pro to fellow installers and budding heat pump engineers, helping him to gain a much better understanding of NIBE’s products and heat pump systems in general. Damon has come out of the scheme a more confident, experienced and supported engineer. 


Not only would I recommend NIBE Pro to a friend, but I already have been doing so. My own experience with NIBE Pro has proven the Installer Partnership Scheme to be the best available pathway to becoming an MCS Accredited heat pump installer, and the added flexibility for those like me is great for those who just want that extra knowledge top up. You’re also never shy of great company guiding you along the way.

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