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Craig Brookes

Craig Brookes, C Brookes Plumbing, Heating and Renewables

Meet Craig Brookes, a highly skilled installer who embarked on a transformative partnership with NIBE one year ago. As the owner at C Brookes Plumbing, Heating and Renewables, Craig prides himself on providing the most energy-efficient heating appliances on the market, only installing A-rated energy-efficiency products such as NIBE air source heat pumps.

In 2022, his company was announced as the South West regional winner for the Heating Installer of the Year Awards. This commitment to excellence was at the heart of Craig’s decision to become a NIBE Pro installer.

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Training Journey

Craig discovered the NIBE Pro partnership scheme through his NIBE sales representative. Eagerly embracing the opportunity, Craig’s NIBE Pro journey began with the completion of the Low Temperature Heating and Hot Water in Dwellings Course. The driving motivation for Craig’s decision to enrol on the training was the high-quality products, and the knowledge that robust backup support would be available to complement his existing skills.

Key Benefits

Craig has found NIBE Pro to be instrumental in his journey to becoming an MCS registered heat pump installer – a status which has increased his credibility and opened the door to new opportunities. He has found the depth of knowledge and high level of training provided to be the most valuable aspect of the NIBE Pro partnership, enabling him to gain an in-depth understanding of NIBE’s extensive product range and confidence installing heat pumps.


“I would definitely recommend NIBE Pro to fellow installers. This recommendation goes beyond personal growth; it is rooted in the dedication to ensure that heat pumps are installed correctly - a commitment I have never seen matched by other manufacturers I have worked with. The technical support, training, and hands-on expertise provided have been invaluable, and the exceptional quality of their kit/controllers really sets NIBE apart as an industry leader. NIBE Pro is not just a training scheme – it is a partnership that provides you with the essential support and tools you need to excel. As a professional, I take pride in my work, and it is great to collaborate with a manufacturer that shares the same commitment.”

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