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NIBE Servicing

Give yourself confidence that your NIBE heat pump system can be looked after in years to come and book your annual yearly service with a NIBE Service Engineer for complete peace of mind.

Service requirements are dependent on the type of heat pump installed. Air Source heat pumps may look like there is very little to maintain, but there are many things to check to ensure the heat pump performs optimally.

For example, if the fan is free from any obstructions, check electrical supply connections, check water connections, heating system pressure checks, alarm log, etc.

Ground Source heat pumps have the addition of ground loops or bore holes that need checking as well.

For example on the brine system, check the particle filter, is there suitable anti-freeze protection, level vessel check, expansion vessel check, brine temperatures, etc.

For your complete peace of mind, NIBE offer the following services:

  • Exhaust Air Heat Pump £150 (Incl VAT)
  • Air Source Heat Pump £199 (Incl VAT)
  • Ground Source Heat Pump up to 12kW single phase £250 (Incl VAT)
  • Ground Source Heat Pump from 12kW - 17kW £275 (Incl VAT)
  • Ground Source Heat Pump over 22kW onwards - 3 phase £300 (Incl VAT)

Call NIBE now on 0330 311 2201 to book your service or alternatively you can email [email protected]

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